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Latest Releases
Tin Star
Tin Star
Adrian Corker
Flowers 2
Flowers II
Authur Sharpe
The Radiophonic Workshop
The Radiophonic Workshop
Various Artists
BBC Radiophonic Music
BBC Radiophonic Music
John Baker, David Cain, Delia Derbyshire
Dark Heart
Dark Heart
Dan Jones
Un Dollaro Bucato One Silver Dollar
Un Dollaro Bucato
(One Silver Dollar)

Gianni Ferrio
Ilan Eshkeri
General Magic
General Magic
Benji Merrison
Doctor Who Series 11
Doctor Who - Series 11
Segun Akinola
The Box Of Delights
The Box of Delights
Roger Limb & BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Benji Merrison, Will Slater
Doctor Who Music icon
Doctor Who Music
Over the years Silva Screen’s catalogue of Doctor Who soundtracks has grown considerably in LP and CD releases, from The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, through to the present day Murray Gold scores. In the past the label has even seen to it that all the music fits within a TARDIS!

Explore the Doctor Who Music website to see all of our adventures through space and time...
BBC Earth Music icon
BBC Earth Music
From 'The Living Planet' to 'The Blue Planet', from George Fenton to Hans Zimmer... Silva Screen has released soundtracks to some of the most compelling natural history documentaries ever filmed. Scores that accompany Sir David Attenborough’s narration of the beauty, danger, wonder and excitement of the natural world.

The BBC Earth Music website documents all...

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