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the accompanying music to landmark natural history documentaries

Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea & David Fleming
for Bleeding Fingers Music
1. The Blue Planet

2. Family Theme

3. Surfing Dolphins

4. Abyssal Plain

5. Mobula Rays

6. Race To Feed

7. Albatross Flight

8. Big Blue

9. Turtle Spa

10. Ducks And Currents

11. Humboldt Squid

12. A Forest Awakens

13. Scavengers Of The Deep

14. Kobudai Transformation

15. Clownfish

16. Baby Turtle

17. Weedy Sea Dragon

18. Portuguese Man Of War

19. Walrus: The Right Piece Of Ice
"We are attracting a larger than normal number of younger viewers and the music of Hans Zimmer is striking a chord"

Sir David Attenborough

"The score is so immense, it's so full of life and wonder yet so beautifully delicate at times"

Film Music Media

Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea & Jasha Klebe
for Bleeding Fingers Music

1. Planet Earth II Suite


2. The Sloth

3. Home To Dragons

4. Albatross Dance

5. Racer Snakes vs Iguanas

6. Chinstrap Penguins


7. Singing Indri

8. Competing Hummingbirds

9. Life In The Canopy

10. Jungle Weather

11. Night Crawlers

12. World of Bioluminescence

13. Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise

14. Something Worth Protecting


15. Life Without Water

16. Monsoon Deserts / Canyonlands

17. Lions vs Giraffe

18. The Butcher Bird

19. Wild Horses

20. Desert Nightlife / Golden Mole

21. Long-Eared Bat vs Scorpion

22. Early Morning Fog


1. Roof Of The World
2. Peaks of North America

3. The Ibex

4. The Himalayas

5. Flight Over Alps

6. Ice Skating Flamingos

7. Dancing Bears

8. Tenacious Bobcat

9. Garden of Ice

10. Snow Leopards

11. Savage Beauty


12. Nomadic Life

13. Hunting Buffalo Herds

14. The Okavango

15. Carmine Bee Eaters

16. Industrious Insects

17. The Great Migration


18. The Unnatural Habitat

19. Langurs of Jodhpur

20. Temple Gardens

21. Market Thieves

22. Illuminated

23. City Skylines

24. Starlings

25. Toronto Raccoons

26. We Are The Designers

27. Epilogue
"The score will send chills, give goosebumps, extract tears and at times give an all encompassing nurturing warmth. By the end of it you'll have gone on a truly wondrous journey that reminds us just how truly special the life on our planet is"

Film Music Media

George Fenton & The BBC Concert Orchestra

1. Opening Titles

2. The North Pole

3. Rapid Change

4. Surfing Penguins

5. Antarctic Mystery

6. Flying South


7. Stones

8. McKenzie River

9. Cubs’ First Hunt

10. Narwhals

11. Elephant Seal Duel

12. Returning Seabirds / Albatross Love


13. Ice Sculptures

14. Leaping Penguins

15. Owlets / Protection

16. Seal Ballet / Arrival of the Humpbacks


17. Lazy Bear

18. Exercise

19. Belugas

20. Competing for the Girl

21. The Long March


22. Winter

23. Activity

24. Weasel

25. Winter Sets In

26. Battle of Will

27. Emperors Return The Final Frontier

28. Greenland Patrol

29. Minus Forty

30. Following the Herd

31. Walrus Kill

32. Scott’s Legacy
"It's a score that has a core running through it, narratively and emotionally, and is music of the highest order"

Lost In The Multiplex

"Unwaveringly brilliant...
a wonderful album"


Nitin Sawhney & The BBC National Orchestra of Wales
1. Title Theme

2. Intro Montage

3. Shallow Seas

4. Asian Elephants

5. Bicycle Part 1

6. Bicycle Part 2

7. Reindeer Intro

8. Narwhal Intro

9. Creating an Igloo

10. The Rains

11. Ancient Cities

12. Rivers Intro

13. Bishnoi

14. Big Wave

15. Jungles End

16. Pet Keepers

17. Elephant Futures

18. Rivers Credit

19. Deserts at Night

20. The Sahara

21. Himalayas

22. Watching The Tides

23. JTree House

24. New Tribes

25. Foods

26. Wild Horses Part 1

27. GWild Horses Part 2

28. Milk

29. Deserts End

30. Auk Catching

31. Kiviaq Meal

32. Honey Bird

33. Masdar

34. Chasing Fox

35. African Hills

36. High Altitude

37. Driving in the Jungle

38. Crossing

39. Seven Grasses

40. Series Montage
"Besides attempting to musically express the arc and nuances of each individual episode, it has been my task to also find a cohesive musical language for the entire series as a whole... attempting to find the soul of this beautiful tale of human determination"

Nitin Sawhney

Sarah Class & The BBC Concert Orchestra
1. Journey of the King Fish

2. Rivers and Falls

3. Lakes and Flamingos

4. Butterfly Ball

5. Force of the Whale

6. Mystery Path

7. Giraffe vs Giraffe

8. Beauty of Aguillus Sands

9. Leopard Mirage

10. Bats and Eagles

11. By the Beach

12. Bangweulu Swamp

13. The Desert Victor

14. Up in the Clouds

15. Lions and Lizards Rock Café

16. Baptism of Fire

17. Fairy Circles

18. Bull Elephant Fight

19. Shimmer of the Flower Fields

20. Drought

21. Under the Stars

22. Rwenzori Mountains

23. Shores of Respite

24. Draconsberg

25. Plight of the Turtles

26. River of Life
"The score for Africa is as imposing as the series and as varied and beautiful as the continent"

Movie Music Italiano

"Magnificent, majestic, emotional, and with a powerful finale"

Lost In The Multiplex

Edmund Butt & The Chamber Orchestra of London
1. Winter In Yellowstone

2. Footprints In The Snow

3. Otters Playing

4. The Fire-Hole River

5. Humming Birds In Flight

6. Pronghorn Migration

7. Diamond Dust

8. Yellowstone

9. The Elks

10. A New Spring

11. Nursery Season

12. Frozen Bison

13. Dawn

14. Super Volcano

15. Thermal River

16. Bears Swimming

17. Red Fox Leaps

18. The Colours Of Autumn

19. Old Faithful

20. Elk Fight

21. Flying Over Yellowstone
"Edmund Butt's "Yellowstone" is an absolute delight. It's grand, lush, melodic… beautifully written, orchestrated and performed. Yet, for all its grandeur, it is also beautifully restraint. It's perfectly balanced and an absolute joy to listen to, over and over again"


Ben Foster & The BBC National Orchestra of Wales
1. Opening Titles


2. Africa

3. Lizard Attack

4. Exploring the Trail

5. The Dung Beetles

6. Fire

7. Life


8. The Wild West

9. Scorpion Mouse

10. The Jaws of Death

11. In the Rain

12. The Flood

13. Run Mouse, Run!

14. Tom vs the Lizard

15. Running Free


16. Meeting Chip

17. A Burglar

18. You Naughty Moose!

19. It's a Fight!

20. The Dark, Dark Wood

21. Forest of the Owl

22. Winter Approaching

23. Do or Die

24. Fight Fight Fight!


25. Life in the Trees

26. The Forest

27. Three Little Pigs

28. Forest Giants

29. Pitcher Plant

30. Fluorescence

31. Snake Attack/The Leap

32. The Seasons Change


33. Urban Jungle

34. The Streets of Rio

35. Marmoset Investigates

36. Ant Colony

37. Cat on the Prowl


38. Tokyo Nights

39. Beetle Rock

40. Beetle Roll

41. Bright Lights

42. Ghek Off the Wall

43. Praying Mantis

44. Flight to the Temple

45. Beetle Battle

46. Living Side by Side

47. Everywhere, A Hidden Kingdom

48. Closing Titles
"Ben has delivered a spell-binding score, filled with emotion packed with drama and intricate detail that has helped define the series"

Mark Brownlow,
Series Producer

"An excellent score to an excellent television series"

Soundtrack Geek

Barnaby Taylor & The BBC Concert Orchestra
1. Wild Arabia Titles

2. Sand, Wind & Stars

3. Discovering Oil

4. Sea Snake

5. Nabateans

6. Scorpion

7. Together

8. Flamingos

9. The Jewel

10. Camel Race

11. Darkness

12. Lights

13. Mountain

14. Oryx

15. Mists

16. Monsoon

17. Dawn/Beauty

18. Beach Foxes

19. Date Palms

20. Docks

21. Leopard

22. Dhub

23. Water

24. The Desert

25. Technology

26. Harrier Hunt

27. Futures

28. Heartlands
"The flavour is instantly Eastern, with Ney flutes, Oud and Eastern percussion to the fore, followed by standard long string sequences and drops. There are some lovely cues here, with light moments of guitar and piano that are simple but engaging"

Record Collector

Elizabeth Parker & BBC Radiophonic Workshop
1. The Living Planet (Theme From The Series)

2. The Building Of The Earth

3. The Frozen World

4. The Northern Forests

5. Jungle

6. Seas Of Grass

7. The Baking Deserts

8. The Sky Above

9. Sweet Fresh Water

10. The Margins Of The Land

11. Worlds Apart

12. The Open Ocean

13. New Worlds (Closing Theme From The Series)
"Sampling offered up a whole new world of sound (for example using a glass bottle to create a watery flute sound in "Tropical Forests") and was exactly what I needed to fulfil my dream of the music becoming part of the natural environment"

Elizabeth Parker