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Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Soundtrack

Silva Screen will release the soundtrack to highly rated BBC drama The Hour on August 5th. Beginning in 1956,  the two series of BBC TV’s The Hour captured perfectly the era of television news as current affairs programmes expanded with a global reach,  adding to the storyline a veneer of mystery and intrigue behind the scenes. The series was nominated for BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards. Season 1 featured music by Daniel Giorgetti and season 2 by Kevin Sargent. Giorgetti studied composition at the Royal College Of Music and past work includes The Somme, The Last Days Of The Raj and Foyle’s War. Sargent was a member of the influential dance-rock band Thrashing Doves before becoming a media composer on projects such as We’ll Take Manhattan and an Ivor Novello nominated score for A Waste Of Time. With title music inspired by ticking clocks, 50s cool and the chimes of Big Ben the score is a landscape of classy jazz arrangement which brilliantly evoke the era.


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