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SILED4553 Twins of Evil

Twins of Evil
Twins of Evil
Harry Robinson

The soundtrack to the 1971 Hammer Films classic, Twins of Evil. Available digitally for the first time, Twins of Evil follows on from the wonderfully crafted Hammer scores collections released by Silva Screen Records. This original Twins of Evil soundtrack features the music of Harry Robinson, performed by the Hammer Studio Orchestra, conducted by Philip Martell.

1 The Brotherhood Strikes / Opening Credits
2 Confrontation In The Forest
3 The Body In The Woods / The Cleansing
4 The Resurrection Of Mircalla
5 Mircalla Claims Karnstein
6 Weil´s Warning / Karnstein´s Menace
7 Karnstein´s Guest
8 Maria Alone
9 Karnstein Claims Frieda / Another Burning
10 The Mirror Reveals Frieda / Dietrich´s Final Journey / Horror At The School
11 The Enemy Within
12 The Crucifix Repels Karnstein / Karnstein Kidnaps Maria
13 The Deception Begins / Frieda Escapes
14 The Seduction Of Anton / Maria´s Fate
15 Maria Is Rescued
16 The Hunt For Karnstein / Frieda Is Beheaded
17 Finale And End Credits

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