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Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Over 35 years of outstanding film & television music + much more!
Original Film Soundtracks
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SILED1761 In The Company of Kings
SILED1741 Call Me Kate
SILCD1759 The Moonwalkers
SILCD1745 The Primevals
SILED1740 Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
SILCD1662 Hammett
SILCD1660 The Escape Artist
SIL71697 The Devil Rides Out – Picture Disc
SILCD1661 The Conversation
SILED1724 Body Parts
SILED4916 Missile From The East
SILCD1659 The Godfather Suite
SILLP1666 The Devil Rides Out
SILED1684 This Is Joan Collins
SILCD1686 Alex Heffes ‘Sudden Light’
SIL71658 Escape From New York – 7 inch vinyl
SILED1655 The Beatles And India – Original Film Soundtrack
SILED1648 Songs Inspired by the Film ‘The Beatles And India‘
SILCD1651 The Hitcher
SILCD1647 The Tamarind Seed
SILED4913 The Boy Behind The Door
SILLP1628 Gully Boy
SILED1634 Audrey
SILCD1606 Rawhead Rex
SILED1623 I Am Vengeance
Record Store Day 2020: Dracula + The Curse of Frankenstein
SILCD1600 Untamed Romania
SILCD1576 The Villainess
SILLP1559 The Road Warrior – Record Store Day 2019
SILLP1586 La Prima Linea – Record Store Day 2019
SILLP1579 Un Dollaro Bucato
SILED4865 General Magic
SILCD1554 The Wicker Man – 45th Anniversary Reissue (CD)
SILCD1565 Edie
SILLP1561 The Omega Man
SILCD1563 The White King
22DMUSIC001 Zombillenium
SILCD1522 Don’t Look Now
SILCD1521 Hammer Horror: Classic Themes 1958-1974
SILCD1551 Annabelle: Creation
SILCD1519 Puppet On A Chain
SIL71531 Iron Man 7 inch vinyl
SILED4835 It Was Fifty Years Ago Today!
SIL71527 Don’t Look Now – 7″ vinyl
SILLP1533 Don
SILLP1528 Quatermass And The Pit
SILLP1466 Quatermass And The Pit (Electronic Cues)
SILLP1523 North By Northwest
SILCD1525 Nocturnal Animals
SILLP192 Nosferatu – Channel 4 Silents soundtrack
SILLP319 Raise The Titanic
SILLP1499 The Nightcomers
SILCD1517 Victor Victoria
SILLP1505 The Ninth Gate
SILCD1489 The Long Good Friday
SILCD1501 High-Rise
SILCD1513 Dad’s Army
SILLP1492 Legend
SILCD1484 Blazing Saddles
SILLP1493 Escape From New York
SILCD1480 Shaun The Sheep Movie
SILCD1473 Spooks
SILCD1474 The Face Of An Angel
SILCD1481 The Gunman
SILED4784 Next Goal Wins
SILCD1454 Reclaim
SILCD1461 Frank
SILCD1462 The Expendables 3
SILCD1446 A Poet In New York
SIL71444 Terminator 2 silver foil 7″ vinyl
SILCD1459 Scar Tissue
SILCD1441 Gravity
SILLP1440 The Wicker Man – 40th Anniversary Reissue (Vinyl)
SILCD1428 The Outsiders
SILCD1432 Byzantium
SILED4553 Twins of Evil
SILCD1387 SOS Titanic
SILCD1301 The Fog
SILCD1394 Pusher
SILCD1393 The Expendables 2
The Lodger
SILCD1374 The Wicker Tree
SILCD1333 Soldier Blue & Catlow
SILCD1386 Project X
SIL71384 The Wicker Man 7 inch vinyl
SILCD1378 The Woman In Black
SILCD1379 Haywire
SILCD1369 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
SILCD1367 The Debt
SILCD1321 The Stone Killer & Diamonds
SILCD1364 The Music Of Michel Legrand
Death Wish
SILCD1366 Beginners
SILCD1361 Biutiful
SILCD1359 The Eagle
SILCD1313 The Wild Geese
SILCD1315 Fear Is The Key
SILCD1353 Brighton Rock
SILCD1352 The Next Three Days
SILCD1298 The Informant
SILCD1194 A History of Violence
SILCD1344 Tamara Drewe
SILCD1343 The Town
SILCD1337 Terminator 2 Judgement Day
SILCD1300 Get Carter
SILCD1339 The Expendables
SILCD1331 Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy
SILCD1327 It’s A Wonderful Afterlife
SILCD1324 Repo Men
SILCD1323 A Single Man
SILCD1322 Baaria
SILCD1320 Dear John
SILCD1316 Batman Begins
SILCD1305 Chloe
SILCD1317 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
SILCD1312 Little Miss Sunshine
SILCD1314 Edge of Darkness
SILCD1311 Drag Me To Hell
SILCD1354 The Promise
SILCD1356 The Rite
SILCD1200 The New World
SILCD1310 Creation
SILCD1304 The Boys Are Back
SILCD1303 The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
SILCD1306 Daybreakers
SILCD1296 Red Cliff
SILCD1292 Afghan Star
SILCD1294 17 Again
SILCD1299 El Cid
FILMCD177 The Ladykillers: Those Glorious Ealing Films
SILCD1293 Franklyn
SILCD1295 Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past
SILCD1287 Mutant Chonicles
SILCD1286 Shifty
SILCD1284 Lesbian Vampire Killers
SILCD1285 Red Riding
SILCD1283 The Spirit
SILCD1282 Punisher – War Zone
SILCD1277 W. a life misunderestimated
SILCD1269 Journey To The Center of The Earth
SILCD1264 Iron Man
SILCD1260 Rambo
SILED4898 Cashback
SILCD1225 The Departed
SILCD1184 Blade Trinity
SILCD1212 The Ultimate James Bond Film Music Collection
Lawrence of Arabia
FILMCD319 Raise the Titanic
FILMCD330 The Wicker Man
SILCD1192 Elf
SILCD1174 Sideways
FILMCD327 Escape from New York
FILMCD307 Rambo First Blood Part II
FILMCD009 Crocodile Dundee
FILMCD123 Game of Death & Night Games
FILMCD605 The Ipcress File
FILMXCD357 Hammer: The Studio That Dripped Blood
FILMCD192 Nosferatu: Channel 4 Silents soundtrack
FILMCD178 Cutthroat Island
FILMCD193 The Phantom of the Opera
FILMCD132 Supergirl
FILMCD045 Legend

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