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Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Over 35 years of outstanding film & television music + much more!
Re-record Compilations
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SILKED6062 Christmas Choral Classics: Encore
SILCD1657 Lance Ellington ‘Happy!’
SILED4909 Re:Scored – Epic Classical Volume 2
SILED4902 50 Piano Classics: In The Lounge
Record Store Day 2021: The James Bond Theme / Goldfinger 7″
Record Store Day 2021: Citizen Kane 7″
SILCD1630 Stilgoe In The Shed
SILED4857 The Definitive Musicals & Movie Songs Collection
SILED4895 The Definitive Movie Themes Collection
SILKED6058 The Symphonic Sound of Motown
SILCD1609 The Greatest Themes From The Spaghetti Westerns
Record Store Day 2020: The Godfather 7″
SILED4877 Re:Scored – EPIC Classical
SILED4879 Music From The Avengers Movies
SILED1602 Music From The How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy
SILCD1601 Joe Stilgoe: The Heat Is On
SIL71588 Kubrick 7″ – Record Store Day 2019
SILED4858 The Nativity
SILCD1555 100 Greatest Science Fiction Themes
SILED4848 Music From The Transformers Movies
SILED4845 100 Greatest Piano Pieces
SIL71566 Vertigo / North By Northwest – 7″ vinyl
SILED4842 The Essential Games Music Collection Vol.2
SILED4843 The Definitive Superhero Themes Collection
SILED4846 Epic Themes II
SILCD1532 The Essential Thomas Newman
SILCD1557 Swinging Big Band Christmas
SILED4841 The Singing Accountant – Rainbow Connection / Solitary Man
SILKD6056 Music of Game of Thrones
SILCD1514 Music From The Hunger Games Saga
SILCD1516 The Essential Ennio Morricone Collection
SILKD6053 Cinema Affair
SILKD6054 Screen Serenade
SILKD6049 The Greatest Christmas Choral Classics
SILCD1482 Epic Themes
SILCD1479 Music From The Star Wars Saga
SILCD1464 100 Greatest World Cinema Themes
SILCD1483 The Complete Hobbit & Lord Of The Rings Film Music Collection
SILED4806 The Best of Hans Zimmer Vol.2
SILCD1449 Music From The Muppets
SILCD1452 1964 In Film & TV Music
SILCD1448 The Essential Disney Collection
SILED4791 Bond and Beyond
SILCD1457 Film & TV Sporting Themes
SILCD1453 The Music of Hans Zimmer – The Definitive Collection
SILCD1445 The Music of John Barry – The Definitive Collection
SILED4775 Film Music 2013
SILCD1439 Louise Dearman “It’s Time”
SILED4746 Vampire Tunes
SILED4742 Zombie Tunes
SILED4744 The Incredible Film Music Box 2
SILED4734 Silva Scream Presents Classic Horror Themes
SILED4741 Halloween Chillers
SILCD1396 The Film Music Of Howard Shore
SILED4733 Fantastic Father’s Day Themes
SILCD1427 100 Piano Classics: In The Lounge
SILCD1423 100 Greatest TV Themes Vol. 3
SILED4729 100 Greatest Classical Pieces
SILED4730 The Best of John Williams
SILED4731 The Best of John Barry
SILED4732 The Best of Ennio Morricone
SILCD1398 100 Greatest Film Themes – Take 3
SILCD1397 Music From The Hobbit & The Lord Of The Rings
SILED4725 The Singing Accountant Vol.2
SILED4696 Film Music 2012
SILCD1436 Music From The Iron Man Trilogy
SILCD1390 Music From The Batman Trilogy
SILCD1391 Super Themes
SILCD1381 The Complete Harry Potter Film Music Collection
SILCD1380 Music From The Twilight Saga
SILCD1382 The Music of John Williams The Definitive Collection
SILED4609 Film Music 2011
SILED4608 The Essential Games Music Collection Vol. 1
SILCD1365 Music From The Transformers Trilogy
SILCD1364 The Music Of Michel Legrand
SILCD1357 Great British TV Themes
SILCD1362 The Film Music of Hans Zimmer Vol.2
SILED4573 Police! Action!
SILCD1351 The Music Of James Horner
SILCD1338 Francis Lai The Essential Film Music Collection
SILED4539 Film Music 2010
SILED4540 Selected Music From Inception
SILCD1334 Pearl & Dean
SILCD1328 100 Greatest Musicals
SILCD1319 100 Greatest American TV Themes
SILCD1325 100 Greatest Western Themes
SILCD1309 100 Greatest Film Themes Take 2
SILCD1308 Film Music 2009
FILMXCD308 Citizen Kane: The Essential Bernard Herrmann
SILCD1297 I Hear A Symphony
SILCD1288 The Definitive Horror Music Collection
SILCD1291 The Music of Star Trek
SILED4454 Requiem for a Tower | Dream
SILCD1281 Film Music 2008
SILCD1276 The Music of Batman
SILCD1270 Cult Cuts
SILCD1280 Skating for Gold
SILCD1274 Reel Chill 2: The Cinematic Chillout Album
SILCD1272 Film Music 2007
SILCD1273 James Bond: The Gold Edition
SILCD1271 American Gangsters
SILCD1268 The Film Music of Danny Elfman
TVPMCD810 John Williams – 40 Years Of Film Music
FILMCD365 The Indiana Jones Trilogy
SILCD1240 100 Greatest TV Themes Vol.2
SILCD2010 Film Music Masterworks – Maurice Jarre
SILCD1238 Film Music of Hans Zimmer
SILCD2011 Film Music Masterworks – Bernard Herrmann
SILCD2007 Film Music Masterworks – Nino Rota
SILCD2009 Film Music Masterworks – Alan Silvestri
SILCD2006 Film Music Masterworks – Jerry Goldsmith
SILCD2005 Film Music Masterworks – John Williams
SILCD2004 Film Music Masterworks – James Horner
SILCD2002 Film Music Masterworks – John Barry
SILCD1202 The Magnificent Westerns
SILCD2008 Film Music Masterworks – Elmer Bernstein
SILCD2003 Film Music Masterworks – Ennio Morricone
FILMCD358 Romeo And Juliet
FILMXCD197 Titanic: The Essential James Horner
FILMXCD356 Way Out West – Collection 2
FILMXCD368 The Star Trek Album
FILMCD371 Jazz in Film
FILMCD367 The Third Man
FILMCD344 The Godfather Trilogy I – II – III
FILMCD161 The Valley of Gwangi – The Classic Film Music of Jerome Moross
FILMCD301 The Disasters! Movie Music Album
FILMCD317 Bond Back in Action
FILMCD727 Music from the Star Wars Saga
FILMXCD372 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
FILMXCD373 Reel Chill
FILMCD370 The World at War
FILMCD726 The Bride of Frankenstein
FILMCD363 The Essential John Carpenter
FILMCD364 Anita & Me
FILMCD336 Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith
FILMCD350 Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
FILMCD353 The Lion in Winter
FILMCD354 Robin and Marian
FILMCD355 The Last Valley
FILMCD361 Monsters Ball
FILMXCD349 John Barry the Collection
FILMXCD351 Gone With the Wind – The Essential Max Steiner
FILMXCD352 The Man of Galilee – The Essential Alfred Newman
FILMCD339 Walkabout
FILMCD346 The Cell
FILMCD347 Get Carter – The Songs
FILMCD348 Get Carter – The Score
FILMCD720 Fellini-Rota La Doce Vita
FILMCD723 Brideshead Revisited
FILMCD725 True Grit – Music from the Classic Films of John Wayne
FILMXCD324 The Essential Maurice Jarre Film Music Collection
FILMXCD326 The Silents
FILMXCD331 A History of Horror
FILMXCD332 Space – Beyond the Final Frontier
FILMXCD333 Hollywood Goes to War
FILMXCD334 Ben Hur the Essential Miklos Rozsa
FILMXCD305 Zulu: The Essential John Barry
FILMXCD309 Great British Film Music
FILMXCD315 The Wild West
FILMXCD190 Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond II
FILMXCD199 The Omen: The Essential Jerry Goldsmith
FILMCD007 The Essential James Bond
FILMXCD187 Warriors of the Silver Screen
FILMCD171 The Misson: Classic Film Music of Ennio Morricone
FILMCD180 Cinema Century
FILMXCD185 Space and Beyond
FILMCD165 Classic Greek Film Music
PUBCD50 50 Classic Pub Songs

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