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Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Over 35 years of outstanding film & television music + much more!
Original TV Soundtracks
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SILED1758 One Day
SILED1747 Archie
SILCD1729 Terrahawks
SILLP1598 Inventions for Radio
SILCD1744 Planet Earth III
SILED1742 The Long Shadow
SILCD1578 Doctor Who – Time And The Rani
SILCD1585 Doctor Who – Revenge Of The Cybermen
SILED1743 The Following Events Are Based On A Pack Of Lies
SILCD1739 – Good Omens 2
SILCD1736 – Earth
SILCD1732 A Year On Planet Earth
SILED1731 Steeltown Murders
SILED1730 Rain Dogs
SILED1727 You & Me
SILED1726 The Gold
SILED1722 Nolly
SILCD1721 Joe 90
SILED1704 Crossfire
His Dark Materials: Series 3 – Original Television Soundtrack
SILCD1705 Doctor Who – Series 13 The Specials
SILED1707 The English
SILED1702 The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials: Series Three
SILCD1699 Stingray
SILCD1691 Stand By For Action!
SILCD1680 Doctor Who – Series 13 Flux
SILCD1687 Frozen Planet II
SILCD1693 Hotel Portofino
SILCD1681 The Secret Service
SILED1670 The Watch
SILED1690 The Split
SILCD1686 Alex Heffes ‘Sudden Light’
SILCD1671 The Green Planet
SILED1688 The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe
SILED1682 The Chelsea Detective
SILED1677 Trigger Point
SILED4925 Universe
SILED1667 Landscapers
SILCD1664 All Creatures Great and Small – Series 2
SILED4919-SILED4923 The Mating Game
SILED4924 The Tower
SILCD1649 Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
SIL71650 Captain Scarlet – 7″ Vinyl
SILED4910 Professor T
SILED4907 Before We Die
SILCD1641 Space: 1999 Year One & Year Two (CD Version)
SILED1643 Space: 1999 Year Two
SILED1642 Space: 1999 Year One
SILCD1646 The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
SILED4908 Time
SILED1644 Des
SILED1626 The Planets
SILED1632 Primates
SILCD1637 Meerkat: A Dynasties Special – Album
SILED1640 Revolution of the Daleks
SILEE1637 Meerkat: A Dynasties Special – 4 track EP
SILCD1595 Fireball XL5
SILCD1636 His Dark Materials: Series 2 – Original Television Soundtrack
SIL71633 Fireball XL5 – 7″ vinyl
SILED1629 Roadkill
SILCD1624 The Capture
SILED1635 The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials: Series Two
SILCD1631 A Suitable Boy
SILCD1605 The Little Drummer Girl
SILED4897 The Deceived
SILCD1622 Thunderbirds
SILCD1569 Doctor Who – The Sun Makers
SILCD1570 Doctor Who – The Visitation
Record Store Day 2020: The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials
SILCD1610 Doctor Who – Series 12
SILCD1591 Supercar
SILED1620 Altered States: Music From The Louis Theroux Documentaries
SILCD1615 Seven Worlds One Planet – Expanded Edition
SILCD1619 Dracula
SILCD1614 His Dark Materials – Original Television Soundtrack
SILCD1612 The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials
SILCD1611 Seven Worlds One Planet
SILCD1608 Deep Water
SILED4866 Lucan
SILCD1604 Thunderbirds Are Go – Series 2
SILED4875 Dark Money
SILCD1592 Vera
SILCD1593 Good Omens
SILCD1594 Tin Star
SILLP1548 The Stone Tape – Record Store Day 2019
SILED4859 Dark Heart
SILED4863 Informer
SILCD1590 Doctor Who – Series 11
SILCD1547 The Box Of Delights
SILCD1589 Dynasties
SILCD1582 Class
SILCD1553 Doctor Who – The Five Doctors
SILCD1552 Doctor Who – The Invasion
SILCD1580 Flowers II
SILCD1577 Humans Series 2 & 3
SILCD1520 Doctor Who – Series 9
SILCD1540 The Changes
SILCD1573 The Good Karma Hospital
SILCD1571 Shetland
SILCD1558 The Blue Planet
SILCD1564 Planet Earth
SILCD1560 Blue Planet II
SILCD1538 Thunderbirds Are Go – Vol.2
SILED4839 Thunderbirds: Legacy (episode score)
SILCD1536 Doctor Who – The Daleks
SILCD1537 Doctor Who – Survival
SILCD1534 Guerrilla
SILED4837 Harlots
SILCD1535 Sherlock – The Abominable Bride
SILED4833 The Witness For The Prosecution
SILCD1530 Sherlock – Series 4
SILED4834 Unforgotten – Series 2
SILCD1526 Planet Earth II
SILED4828 Him
SILCD1510 The Living Planet
SILCD1509 The Musketeers – Series 2 & 3
SILED4823 And Then There Were None
SILCD1515 The Night Manager
SILCD1508 Dickensian
SILCD1469 Yellowstone
SILCD1506 Atlantis
SILCD1487 Thunderbirds Are Go – Vol.1
SILCD1447 The White Queen
SILCD1504 River
SILED4819 Unforgotten – Series 1
SILCD1498 Humans – Series 1
SILCD1494 The Great British Bake Off – Songs From The Bake Off Tent
SILED4817 Doctor Foster
SILED4816 An Inspector Calls
SILCD1485 The Leftovers – Season 1
SILED4815 The Paradise – Season 2
SILCD1486 Arrow – Season 1
SILLP1456 Sherlock: Music From Series One, Two and Three
SILCD1488 Indian Summers
SILCD1477 Ripper Street
SILCD1460 Doctor Who – Series 8
SILCD1512 Peter and Wendy
SILCD1476 Midsomer Murders
SILCD1472 Wolf Hall
SILCD1471 Grantchester
SILCD1463 Utopia – Series 2
SILCD1465 The Day of The Doctor / The Time of The Doctor
SILCD1468 In The Flesh
SILCD1442 An Adventure In Space And Time
SILCD1443 Hidden Kingdoms
SILCD1438 Sherlock – Series 3
SILCD1450 Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection
SILCD1435 The Snowmen / The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe
SILCD1437 Utopia – Series 1
SILCD1434 Luther – Songs & Score From Series 1,2 & 3
SILCD1425 Doctor Who – Series 7
SILCD1372 Doctor Who – Ghost Light
SILCD1429 The Paradise – Series 1
SILCD1430 Mad Men – On The Rocks
SILCD1431 The Hour – Season 1 & 2
SILCD1422 Arthur Of The Britons
SILCD1433 Game of Thrones – Season 3
SILCD1371 Doctor Who – The Krotons
SILCD1426 Wild Arabia
SIL71406 Gerry Anderson 7″ collection with display stand
SIL71404 The Cass Carnaby Five 7″
SILCD1370 Doctor Who – The Caves of Androzani
SILCD1392 Frozen Planet
SIL71403 Space: 1999 7″
SILCD1395 Magic City: Songs From The Series
SIL71402 Joe 90 7″
SIL71401 Captain Scarlet 7″
SILCD1389 Hatfields & McCoys
SIL71400 Thunderbirds 7″
SIL71376 The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe
SILCD1424 Borgia 2
SILCD1421 Africa
SILCD1383 Sherlock – Series 2
SILCD1373 Human Planet
SILCD1377 Sherlock – Series 1
SILCD1375 Doctor Who – Series 6
SILCD1363 The Avengers
SILCD1360 Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol
SILCD1346 Being Human
SILCD1345 Doctor Who – Series 5
SILCD1340 Doctor Who – Series 4 The Specials
SILCD1307 Drumbeat
SILCD1244 Dr Who & The Daleks / Invasion Earth
SILCD1290 Torchwood – Children of Earth
SILCD1275 Doctor Who – Series 4
SILCD1267 Torchwood
SILCD1250 Doctor Who – Series 3
SILCD1224 Doctor Who – Series 1 & 2
FILMCD603 The Prisoner: File 3
FILMCD602 The Prisoner: File 2
FILMCD601 The Prisoner: File 1
SILVAD3509 The A-Team

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