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David Arnold Vs Michael Giacchino

On 18 October 2019 the Royal Albert Hall will host ‘Settling The Score: David Arnold Vs Michael Giacchino’ as part of it’s Films In Concert season.

“This epic event will include the European live premiere of the Spider-Man: Far From Home soundtrack and the World live premiere of the Emmy nominated Good Omens theme as well as storytelling, challenges of wit and friendly competition with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and conductor Gavin Greenaway.”

For more information and tickets for this event go to Royal Albert Hall’s website:
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With the Sherlock and Good Omens television soundtracks in our catalogue, it’s hard for us here at Silva Screen not to take sides, but below is a (fairly) unbiased account of how David Arnold and Michael Giacchino compare musically. Almost like a composers version of a boxing weigh-in!

Round 1
David Arnold
Opening Titles (Good Omens)

Vs Michael Giacchino
A Married Life (Up)

Round 2
David Arnold
End Credits (Independence Day)

Vs Michael Giacchino
The Imperial Suite (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

Round 3
David Arnold
Giza 1928 / Going Home (Stargate)

Vs Michael Giacchino
Hella Bar Talk / Enterprising Young Men (Star Trek)

Round 4
David Arnold
Quantum of Solace

Vs Michael Giacchino
Road Trip / Missile Lock / The Glory Days (The Incredibles)

Round 5
David Arnold
Who I Want To Be (Sherlock series 4)

Vs Michael Giacchino
Theme (Lost)

Round 6
David Arnold
End Titles – The Theme That Got Left in the Car (Good Omens)

Vs Michael Giacchino
Roar! (Cloverfield)


David Arnold Vs Michael Giacchino is going to be a close call, David Arnold has the intricate, catchy scores from Sherlock and Good Omens, while Michael Giacchino can counter with his heavy, imposing music from Cloverfield and Lost. It’s also no secret that Giacchino has those big enticing sounds of sci-fi in his armoury but he’ll have to watch out for those hooky James Bond compositions from Arnold!


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