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FILMCD307 Rambo First Blood Part II

Rambo First Blood Part II
Rambo First Blood Part II
Jerry Goldsmith

This special collectors’ edition of Hollywood heavyweight Jerry Goldsmith’s original soundtrack to the Sylvester Stallone action movie, includes over 15 minutes of previously unavailable music, and has been digitally remastered for extra dynamic range.

Performed by the National Phlharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Goldsmith himself, the score joins the ranks of other Goldsmith classics such as The Omen, Star Trek, Alien, Mulan, Under Fire, The Shadow, Total Recall and Basic Instinct.

1. Main Title
2. The Map
3. Preparations
4. The Jump
5. The Snake
6. The Pirates
7. Stories
8. The Camp / Forced Entry
9. The Cage
10. River Crash / The Gunboat
11. Betrayed
12. Bring Him Up / The Eyes
13. Escape from Torture
14. Ambush
15. Revenge
16. Bowed Down
17. Pilot Over
18. Village Raid / Helicopter Fight
19. Home Flight
20. Day By Day
21. Peace In Our Life

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