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FILMCD606 Thunderbirds

Barry Gray

One of the most popular TV series ever made THUNDERBIRDS was first screened in the UK in 1965 and has rarely been off screens since, becoming an indelible part of British pop culture.

Composer Barry Gray’s 20 year association with television and film producer Gerry Anderson spanned such unforgettable TV shows such as STINGRAY, JOE 90, CAPTAIN SCARLET, UFO and SPACE:1999. The recordings have never been made available before and have been carefully restored and edited from Gray’s own archives courtesy of The Barry Gray Estate and Carlton International.

Includes music from the episodes: Sun Probe, The Perils Of Penelope, The Cham Cham, Vault of Death, The Man from MI.5, Desperate Intruder, Pit Of Peril, The Impostors, and Trapped In The Sky.

1. Thunderbirds
2. Sun Probe
3. Tracy Island and International Rescue
4. Monorail To Disaster
5. Thunderbirds Are Go!
6. Dangerous Game (Latin Instrumental)
7. Vault Of Death
8. The Man From MI5
9. Desperate Intruder
10. Commercial Break
11. Dangerous Game (Vocal)
12. Let’s Play Ad Lib
13. Lady Penelope On The Move
14. The Fate Of The Sidewinder
15. Pit Of Peril
16. Rescue!
17. Jeremiah And Lady Penelope
18. Deadly Plot – The Hood and the Fireflash
19. Fireflash Landing
20. FAB1 Pursuit
21. The Tracy Lounge Piano
22. Thunderbirds End Titles

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