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FILMCD607 Captain Scarlet

Captain Scarlet
Captain Scarlet
Barry Gray

Never before available, these recordings have been carefully restored and edited from composer Barry Gray’s own archive courtesy of The Barry Gray Estate and Carlton International.

Created after Thunderbirds, technological advances at the time allowed for more realistic puppets than previous Anderson shows. With this advancement, a far darker story line and score was developed for the adventures of Agent Number One, Captain Scarlet and Spectrum in their battle against the invisible enemy from Mars – The Mysterons.

Recorded over 11 sessions between March 16th and December 3rd in 1967, the score follows dark storylines, featuring the heroic and indestructible Captain Scarlet plus a supporting cast of colour-coded action heroes, sinister zombies and all-female team of fighter plane pilots.

1. Century 21 logo
2. Captain Scarlet Main Titles (Pilot)
3. Captain Scarlet End Titles (semi vocal)
4. Winged Assassin
5. Staccato Beat
6. Big Ben Strikes Again
7. Until Midnight
8. Mountain Pass
9. Deadly Mist and Mountain Chase
10. White As Snow (episode version)
11. Manhunt
12. Models On A Train
13. Cocktail Music
14. Lunarville 7
15. SHEF March
16. The Reactor
17. Commercial Break
18. Fire At Rig 15
19. Inquisition
20. The Fate Of The XPO
21. Glen Garry Castle
22. Spectrum Strikes Back
23. Desert Symphony
24. Mysterons Attack
25. Captain Scarlet End Titles (song version)
26. Captain Scarlet Main Titles (Series version)
27. White As Snow (commercial version)
28. Captain Scarlet End Titles (commercial version)

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