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FILMCD608 Space 1999: Year One

Space 1999: Year One
Space 1999: Year One
Barry Gray

The original television soundtrack music by composer Barry Gray, sourced from Year One of the seminal seventies series.

This is the first time Barry Gray’s music has been commercially available on CD. Original Space 1999 music was previously released under different packaging as a collectable limited edition item for Gerry Anderson Fanclub members.

The first recording session for Space 1999 took place on December 11th 1973 with a 52-piece orchestra performing the opening and closing title music. For the series’ incidental music between 32 and 38 instruments were utilised at any one session, all conducted by Barry Gray.

Featuring music from the following Episodes: Breakaway, Wargames, Matter Of Life and Death, The Infernal Machine, Force Of Life, Ring Around The Moon, Black Sun, Mission Of The Darians, The Troubled Spirit, The Testament of Arkadia and Another Time Another Place.

1 Space: 1999 (Year One) Main Titles
2 The Dark Side Of The Moon
3 People Are Dying Up There
4 Breakaway
5 Human Decision Required
6 Alien Attack
7 Terra Nova
8 Phase Two
9 Matter Of Life And Death
10 Paradise Lost
11 Space: 1999 (Year One) End Titles (Alternate version)
12 Gwent
13 The Solarium
14 Captives of Triton / Moonwalk
15 Asteroid
16 Black Sun
17 Event Horizon
18 Home
19 The Daria
20 Atonement
21 Space: 1999 (Year One) Main Theme (Extended Alternate version)
22 Arkadia
23 Moon Odyssey
24 Regina’s World
25 Earthbound
26 Santa Maria
27 Flowers For Helena
28 Space: 1999 (Year One) End Titles

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