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FILMCD609 Thunderbirds 2

Thunderbirds 2
Thunderbirds 2
Barry Gray

The Second Volume Of Never Before Released Original Music From The Classic Gerry Anderson SuperMarionation Shows.

Featuring music from: ‘Thirty Minutes After Noon’, ‘End of The Road’, ‘The Duchess Assignment’, ‘Terror In New York City’, ‘Give or Take A Million’ and ‘Security Hazard’.

Composed and conducted by Barry Gray, whose works also include the original television scores for Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Space 1999 and UFO.

The recordings have never been made available before and have been carefully restored and edited from Barry Gray’s own archives courtesy of The Barry Gray Estate and Carlton International.

1. Thunderbirds Main Titles
2. Danger at Ocean Deep
3. Spoke City Jazz
4. Easy Listening Radio Music
5. Drama On The South East Asia Pass
6. Taking A Desperate Chance
7. Thunderbirds To The Rescue
8. Penelope In France
9. Elegance, Charm & Deadly Danger
10. Dangerous Game
11. Century 21 March
12. Space Observatory 3
13. San Martino
14. The Noon Day Sun
15. New York City Lights
16. The Duchess
17. World Exclusive Foiled
18. Moving The Empire State Building
19. The Rescue of Ned Cook
20. Dangerous Game (piano version)
21. Lady Penelope and The Mouse
22. Journey of the Martian Space Probe
23. Coralville Surprise / The Bank Job
24. Christmas On Tracy Island
25. Sleepy Time
26. Thunderbirds End Titles
27. Flying High

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