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FILMXCD349 John Barry the Collection

John Barry the Collection
John Barry the Collection
The City of Prague
Philharmonic Orchestra

The ultimate celebration of music of John Barry, Britain’s most successful and acclaimed film composer.

“There are few composers in the history of film music of whom it may be said that they have defined a genre of their own. John Barry is one of the few… this Silva Screen collection pays tribute to the Master of the Genre” – DAVID ARNOLD, composer of Independence Day and The World Is Not Enough.

Scores reconstructed, arranged and orchestrated by NIC RAINE – the accepted John Barry “expert” having been John’s orchestrator for the past 15 years including working on original scores for A View To A Kill, The Living Daylights, Chaplin and Mercury Rising.

Disc One
1. Zulu – Main Theme / First Zulu Appearance And Assault
2. From Russia With Love – Main Title
3. From Russia With Love – 007
4. Goldfinger – Main Theme
5. The Ipcress File – A Man Alone
6. The Knack
7. Mr. Moses – Main Title / Moses in the River / An Elephant called Emily / The Dam / “What Would I Do For laughs”
8. Thunderball
9. The Wrong Box
10. Born Free – Main Theme / Lions At Play
11. The Quiller Memorandum – Wednesday’s Child
12. You Only Live Twice – Main Theme / Capsule In Space
13. The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair
14. Deadfall – Romance For Guitar And Orchestra

Disc Two
1. The Lion In Winter – Suite (With Chorus)
2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – We Have All The Time In The World
3. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Escape From Piz Gloria / The Ski Chase
4. Midnight Cowboy
5. Midnight Cowboy – Florida Fantasy
6. The Appointment
7. The Last Valley – Main Title / Death of the Captain / End Title
8. Walkabout – Back To Nature
9. Monte Walsh – Suite (The Good Times are Comin’ / Stocking Feet / Mustangs / Sit Him High / Death of Martine)
10. Diamonds Are Forever
11. The Persuaders (synth. version)
12. Mary, Queen Of Scots – Vivre Et Mourir
13. The Man With The Golden Gun – Slow Boat From China / Nick Nack / The Man With The Golden Gun
14. The Dove – Suite (Main Theme / Hitchhike to Darwin / Sail the Summer Winds)

Disc Three
1. The Tamarind Seed – Play It Again
2. King Kong Prelude and Love Theme
3. Eleanor And Franklin
4. Robin and Marian – Dawn: Morning In The Forest / This Way / John Bursts In / The End
5. The Deep
6. Hanover Street – Main Theme
7. The Black Hole
8. Moonraker – Miss Goodhead Meets Bond / Bond Lured To The Pyramids
9. Somewhere in Time
10. Raise The Titanic – Suite (To Cornwall / Dog Attack / The Titanic Uncovered / Russian Threat / End Titles)
11. Body Heat
12. Frances
13. Octopussy – The Palace Fight
14. The Cotton Club – The Depression Hits / Best Beats the Sandman / The Cotton Club

Disc Four
1. High Road To China – Suite (Waziri Village Attack and Escape / Love Theme and End Title)
2. A View To A Kill – Wine With Stacey / Fanfare / Snow Job
3. Out of Africa
4. The Living Daylights – Koskov Escapes / Hercules Take Off
5. Dances With Wolves – The John Dunbar Theme
6. Dances With Wolves – The Buffalo Hunt
7. Chaplin – Main Theme
8. Moviola
9. Indecent Proposal – Main Theme
10. The Specialist – Main Title / Bogota 1984 / “Did you call me?”
11. The Scarlet Letter – Love Theme
12. Cry The Beloved Country
13. Mercury Rising – The Story Ends
14. Dr. No – The James Bond Theme (Symphonic)


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