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Frozen Planet


Silva Screen are set to release George Fenton’s score for David Attenborough’s latest TV series Frozen Planet on the 18th of March

Fenton is an award-winning composer who also created the Ivor Novello, BAFTA and Emmy award winning score for The Blue Planet and the world renowned Planet Earth.

Series producer Alastair Fothergill had this to say:

“Frozen Planet was the third time I was fortunate enough to collaborate with George Fenton on a score for a major landmark natural history series. Just like the music George wrote for The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, the score for Frozen Planet was absolutely crucial to creating the mood and emotional narrative of the series…..The sheer beauty and physical power of the poles is powerfully evoked by the more expansive pieces. The more intimate pieces introduce warmth and character to the story telling…..George Fenton’s wonderful score was the most important tool to help us take people to the poles-a place beyond imagination.”


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