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Nainita Desai Breakthrough Composer of the Year

British composer Nainita Desai is Breakthrough Composer of the Year at the IFMCA Awards. Having enjoyed the most high-profile year of her career to date by far in 2019, Desai especially impressed members with her spectacular, colorful score for the nature film “Untamed Romania,” a Silva Screen release, which was nominated in the documentary category. IFMCA member Charlie Brigden called Untamed Romania ‘an impressive score that instantly grabs you in its talons and takes you on a swift journey,’ while IFMCA member Steven Kennedy called Desai herself ‘a rising voice in the film music scene’. Her other scores in 2019 included the Oscar-nominated Syrian civil war documentary “For Sama,” the Anglo-Indian thriller “Darkness Visible”, the WWII-set action drama “Enemy Within”, and the video game “Telling Lies”


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