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Record Store Day 2024

Record Store Day 2024 releases
Record Store Day 2024
20th April 2024

Record Store Day is on 20th April 2024

Silva Screen Records is excited to announce 3 exclusive releases to mark the occasion:

– Inventions for Radio: 6 CD Box Set
– Stingray on 7″ Transparent Green Vinyl
– UFO on 7″ Transparent Violet Vinyl

Inventions for Radio CD
Inventions for Radio
FORMAT: 6 CD Box Set

Inventions for Radio 6 CD Box Set

RSD2024 Listing

The BBC’s Third Programme aired four radio broadcasts between January 1964 and September 1965, collectively known as Inventions for Radio.

They were ground-breaking in both form and content, conceived by playwright Barry Bermange and consisting of the voices of the general public answering questions on four themes, one for each programme: dreams, the existence of God, life after death and ageing. At a time when it was unheard of to give a media platform to anyone perceived as being of low socio-economic status, the broadcasts generated many complaints for the “rough” voices of its participants.

Delia Derbyshire was assigned by the Radiophonic Workshop to edit and add electronic music/ effects. The collaborative result is dreamlike and mesmerizing, an audial window to another era. For many years Derbyshire was not credited for her contribution, nor were the broadcasts available commercially, although they still managed to acquire something of a cult following.

This boxset includes one CD for each broadcast and two further CDs of additional material. There is a 20-page booklet with extensive notes by Mark Ayres (Producer) and David Butler, (one of the lead researchers and curators of the Delia Derbyshire Archive and co-founder of Delia Derbyshire Day). The insight into Derbyshire’s archive, her music and its influences and her collaboration with Bermange is fascinating, providing context for these extraordinary pieces which have been the most elusive of Twentieth Century classics until now.



The Dreams
1. Opening Announcement
2. Running Away
3. Falling
4. Landscape
5. Underwater
6. Colour
7. Closing Announcement


Amor Dei
1. Opening Announcement
2. Amor Dei – Movement 1
3. Amor Dei – Movement 2
4. Amor Dei – Movement 3
5. Amor Dei – Movement 4
6. Closing Announcement


The After-Life
1. Opening Announcement
2. The After-Life – Movement 1
3. The After-Life – Movement 2
4. The After-Life – Movement 3
5. The After-Life – Movement 4
6. Closing Announcement


The Evenings of Certain Lives
1. Opening Announcement
2. Moving
3. Seeing
4. Hearing
5. Time
6. Then and Now
7. Closing Announcement


Related and Bonus Material (Disc 1)
1. The Dreams – Opening Music
2. The Dreams (from “The Cloud”)
3. “Falling” (Music Track)
4. “Underwater” (Music Track)
5. Amor Dei Background 1
6. Amor Dei Background 2
7. Amor Dei Background 2 (High)
8. Amor Dei Background 3
9. Amor Dei Background 4 (Rorate caeli desuper)
10. “Atheism” music (from “Poets in Prison”)


Related and Bonus Material (Disc 2)
1. Amor Dei Background 1 (repurposed for “Tutankhamun’s Egypt”)
2. Christmas Music – Plainsong Antiphons (unacc.) – Rorate caeli desuper
3. A Doorway into a New Life
4. The Cord That Binds
5. Heavenly Backgrounds 1
6. Heavenly Backgrounds 2
7. Heavenly Backgrounds 3
8. Heavenly Backgrounds 4
9. Heavenly Backgrounds 5
10. Heavenly Backgrounds 6
11. Heavenly Backgrounds 7
12. Heavenly Backgrounds 8
13. The Delian Mode (original full length version)
14. The Dreams, 1977 repeat closing announcement

Stingray – Barry Gray
FORMAT: 7″ EP Transparent Green Vinyl

Stingray 7″ on Transparent Green Vinyl

RSD2024 Listing

The atmospheric aquatic adventures of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASPs) provided the perfect grounds for the evolution of Barry Gray’s own musical odyssey. After navigating otherworldly vistas with experimental minimalism in Fireball XL5, Gray anchored Stingray’s underwater exploits with a canon of earth-bound incidentals.

Employing flutes and gentle woodwind sounds to set the scene, Gray’s music drew attention to the wonder of the series premise, employing lush heavenly strings for the series’ closing theme, ‘Aqua Marina’ (a croon brought to life by in-demand vocalist Gary Miller). The year 1965 saw the release on 7” of the Stingray Main Titles and Aqua Marina (Tower Records). This new EP has been put together from the original audio for Record Store Day 2024.


SIDE A: 1. Stingray Main Titles / Into Action With Stingray
SIDE B: 1. The Loch Ness Monster Suite / Aqua Marina

UFO – Barry Gray
FORMAT: 7″ EP Transparent Violet Vinyl

UFO 7″ on Transparent Violet Vinyl

RSD2024 Listing

After a decade of creating pioneering puppet series made for children, Gerry & Sylvia Anderson took their first steps into live action, with the 1969 feature film Doppelgänger (re-titled outside Britain as Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun). This science-fiction film approached its outer space subject matter with a gritty realism and would set the tone for what was to be their first live-action television series: UFO. This new series took as a starting point the pioneering work of Dr Christiaan N. Barnard, the surgeon who performed the world’s first heart transplant operation. In UFO a dying race of aliens travel across vast distances of space to harvest organs from human beings to help ensure their own survival. To combat this threat the United Nations created SHADO, a top-secret organisation utilising the latest technology available to defend the Earth. To complement the series, the Andersons frequent musical collaborator Barry Gray created a multifaceted score that gave the programme its own musical identity. Elegantly crafted and a firm favourite with Barry Gray fans, the sound of UFO is a joy.


SIDE A: 1. UFO End and Main Titles
SIDE B: 1. SHADO Variations on a Theme


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