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SILCD1209 Joe 90

Joe 90
Joe 90
Barry Gray

Music composed by Barry Gray composer of the themes and incidental music to Gerry Anderson’s previous series from Four Feather Falls to Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, Thunderbirds as well as The Secret Service, UFO, Doppelgänger and Space:1999 (Year One).

The series follows the adventures of Joe McClaine, a 9-year-old boy whose adoptive father has developed a method of transferring specialist “brain patterns”, and hence skills, into his son’s mind. This release was a technological leap for Gerry Anderson puppet productions with hi-tech action, character driven plots and the music recorded in stereo.

1 Century 21 Sting
2 Main Titles (stereo)
3 The Most Special Agent (stereo)
4 Arctic Adventure
5 Operation McClaine
6 The Race
7 Double Agent Entertainment – from Double Agent (stereo)
8 Jungle Fortress from The Fortress (stereo)
9 Dr Darota’s Alpine Clinic from Project 90
10 Balloon Flight from Project 90 (stereo)
11 Death, Love And Betrayal from Three’s A Crowd (stereo)
12 Tragedy Aboard The U85 from Big Fish (stereo)
13 Porto Guavan from Big Fish (stereo)
14 King For A Day
15 The Unorthodox Shepherd (stereo)
16 Mission Tango 120 from Hijacked
17 Break Sting – version 1 (stereo)
18 Lyons Maid Commercial
19 Break Sting – version 2 (stereo)
20 Showdown at Coletti’s Hideout from Hijacked
21 International Concerto (stereo)
22 A Piano Recital by Igor Sladek from International Concerto
23 Relative Danger
24 Splashdown (stereo)
25 The Colonel’s March from Colonel McClaine
26 Lone Handed 90
27 End Titles (stereo)
28 Opening Titles (stereo)

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