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SILCD1250 Doctor Who – Series 3

Doctor Who - Series 3
Doctor Who – Series 3
Murray Gold

Murray Gold’s powerful score for Doctor Who is widely regarded as a major element in the revival of the classic cult series. From his ground-breaking, BAFTA-nominated score to Vanity Fair, to the RTS Award-winning soundtrack to Queer as Folk, Murray Gold is one of the most accomplished composers working in television today.

The album features 2 songs – “My Angel Put The Devil In Me” and “The Stowaway”, both performed by singer songwriter Yamit Mamo.

1. All The Strange Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music)
2. Martha’s Theme
3. Drowning Dry
4. The Carrionites Swarm
5. Gridlocked Cassinis
6. Boe
7. Evolution Of The Daleks
8. My Angel Put The Devil In Me – Yamit Mamo
9. Mr. Smith and Joan
10. Only Martha Knows
11. Smith’s Choice
12. Just Scarecrows To War
13. Miss Joan Redfern
14. The Dream Of A Normal Death
15. The Doctor Forever
16. Blink (Suite)
17. The Runaway Bride
18. After The Chase
19. The Futurekind
20. YANA (Excerpt)
21. The Master Vainglorious
22. Martha’s Quest
23. This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home
24. Martha Triumphant
25. Donna’s Theme
26. The Stowaway – Yamit Mamo
27. The Master Tape
28. Abide With Me

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