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SILCD1260 Rambo

Brian Tyler

12″ double LP on camouflage
coloured splatter vinyl

The Rambo trilogy of films has defined the 1980s action cinema and retained a cult following. Composer Brian Tyler’s thunderous score incorporates themes from Jerry Goldsmith’s previous work and has been hailed by Rambo fans as an excellent continuation to the music of the series.

“Beyond the classic Goldsmith quotes, Brian Tyler let’s loose his own creative talents for Rambo. Tyler adds a new theme to the mix and it’s a perfect fit – feeling like a natural extension of the original theme.” – Tracksounds

“Brian Tyler has further establishes himself with this excellent score. He was able to honor the past material yet introduce his own mark into it at the same time. That’s a sign of a versatile, talented composer. However, the best thing about “Rambo” is that the score isn’t a rehash of anything we’ve heard before. Instead, it’s a soundtrack that is exciting and touching in its own right, and it’s work that I’m sure Jerry Goldsmith himself would have been proud of. I don’t know how it gets any better than that.” – Scorenotes

1 Rambo Theme
2 No Rules Of Engagement
3 Conscription
4 The Rescue
5 Aftermath
6 Searching For Missionaries
7 Hunting Mercenaries
8 Crossing Into Burma
9 The Village
10 Rambo Returns
11 When You Are Pushed
12 The Call To War
13 Atrocities
14 Prison Camp
15 Attack On The Village
16 Rambo Takes Charge
17 The Compound
18 Battle Adagio
19 Rambo Main Title
20 Rambo End Title

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