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SILCD1268 The Film Music of Danny Elfman

The Film Music of Danny Elfman
The Film Music of Danny Elfman
Various Artists

Bringing together Danny Elfman’s best work, this collection spans over 28 years and features the composer’s essential film and tv music repertoire.

From Edward Scissorhands to Spider Man and Batman, from Mars Attacks! to The Simpsons Theme and Desperate Housewives.

Danny Elfman recalls that the first time he became aware of film music was in his youth during a screening of The Day the Earth Stood Still (Robert Wise, 1951). The influence of Bernard Herrmann’s cult soundtrack can be seen in score to Tim Burton’s sci-fi spoof Mars Attacks! Other film composers have also proven to be influential, such as Nino Rota and Erich Wolfgang Korngold, the former in Elfman’s playful music for Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, the latter in his score for blockbuster Batman.

Sometimes Elfman’s music has a distinctly Russian feel, inspired by the likes of Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky’s ballet music, while his frequent use of choirs reflects his love of choral music by the likes of Mozart and Carl Orff.


1. Breakfast Machine – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
2. Main Theme – Beetlejuice
3. Theme/Flowers/Love Theme/The Joker’s Poem/Up The Cathedral/Waltz To The Death/The Final Confrontation – Batman
4. Main Title/Ice Dance – Edward Scissorhands
5. End Titles – Batman Returns
6. Christmas Eve Montage – The Nightmare Before Christmas
7. Introduction/Main Titles – Mars Attacks!
8. End Titles – Sleepy Hollow
9. Main Theme – Spider-Man
10. The Piano Duet/Victor’s Piano Solo – The Corpse Bride
11. Finale – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

12. Sledge Hammer!
13. The Simpsons
14. Desperate Housewives

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