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SILCD1285 Red Riding

Red Riding
Red Riding
Adrian Johnston, Dickon Hinchliffe,
Barrington Pheloung

Red Riding is the centre piece of Channel 4’s winter drama slate with an all-star cast that includes Sean Bean, Paddy Considine and David Morrissey.

Three feature length films – 1974, 1980 and 1983, are based on David Peace’s crime thrillers set in Yorkshire in the 70s and 80s; a time of paranoia, police corruption and the Ripper murders.

Music for each film is scored by a different composer – Adrian Johnston, Dickon Hinchliffe and Barrington Pheloung.


Scored by Adrian Johnston, BAFTA nominated for The Lost Prince, Tipping The Velvet, Perfect Strangers and Our Mutual Friend. He has written over 20 feature film scores including last year’s lavish production of Brideshead Revisited.
“The themes brilliantly create the atmosphere of intrigue and mystery that gives a bold cinematic quality to this tale of Yorkshire noir.” – Julian Jarrold, Director, March 2009


Scored by Dickon Hinchliffe, the founder member of The Tindersticks, his multi-instrumentalist talents and string arrangements adding a lush sheen to their unique sound.
“Dickon cleverly amalgamates and re-imagines all the major musical themes into one sustained piece of dramatic scoring that encompasses a complex spectrum of emotions, ending on a note of yearning sadness. Listening to the score now, away from the film, is for me an enormous pleasure. It gets into your head and stays there.” – James Marsh, Director, March 2009


Scored by Barrington Pheloung, an internationally renown composer and conductor with an immense catalogue of film and TV music. Barrington is perhaps best known for writing the signature Inspector Morse theme, one of the most identifiable themes in small screen history.

“Good script, subtle soundtrack, authentic look” – The Sun

“The breathtaking scores featured in these films completes the directing, completes the writing. But this music does something more, it summons images unseen, it speaks words unspoken. It is a return to the dark.” – Tony Grisoni

1. Eddie
2. Devil’s Ditch
3. Microfiche
4. Panegyric
5. Paula
6. Swan
7. Barry’s Life’s Work
8. Shangrila
9. Redmoor
10. Sunshine Down South
11. Karachi Club
12. Never Come Back

13. The Ripper
14. Your Answer
15. The Moors
16. The Karachi Club
17. The Ridings
18. Ripper In the Belly
19. The Confession
20. Christmas
21. Hall’s House
22. To Fitzwilliam
23. Five Men, Five Guns
24. The Karachi Club Shooting
25. Peace At Last

26. Jobson’s Theme
27. Finding Hazel
28. Missing Girls
29. Love Theme
30. Tragic Beauty
31. Mandy’s Theme
32. Lost Children
33. Finding Hazel (TV version)


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