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SILCD1296 Red Cliff

Red Cliff
Red Cliff
Taro Iwashiro

Taro Iwashiro’s rousing soundtrack to John Woo’s epic Chinese adventure.

Iwasharo’s soundtrack is the Winner of Best Original Film Score at the 2009 Hong Kong Film Awards. The score is performed by the acclaimed Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and the film’s main themes feature the performance of Chinese J-Pop star alan.

John Woo is best known for big budget Hollywood movies Face/Off and Mission: Impossible II.

Tarô Iwashiro is an accomplished film composer and his scores include Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, Azumi and Memories Of Murder.


1. The Battle Of Red Cliff
2. On The Battlefield
3. Light Of The Evanescence
4. Shadow Of The Evanescence
5. Shooooot!
6. Decision For Justice
7. Secret Stratagem
8. Closing In Upon The Enemy
9. Unseen Locus
10. Precious One
11. Sound Of Heartstrings
12. In Loneliness
13. Beyond The River
14. Red Cliff (End Roll Version) / Theme Song of Part I (Asia version)
15. Outroduction Of Legend
16. Red Cliff – River Of No Return – (End Roll Version) / Theme Song


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