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SILCD1299 El Cid

El Cid
El Cid
The City of Prague
Philharmonic Orchestra

Highly acclaimed World Premiere recording of the complete score from the 1961 Charlton Heston Epic ‘EL CID’.

Winner of International Film Music Critics Association Award for ‘BEST RE-RECORDING OF AN EXISTING SCORE’ in 2008.

“A towering achievement” 
- Empire Magazine (5 stars)

One of the largest score restoration projects ever undertaken, this two disc set utilises 91 musicians and a large choir, and totals over 140 minutes of music including themes omitted from the film.

“The scope, passion and grandeur of my father’s music are captured exquisitely” – Juliet Rózsa

“Rózsa himself thought that El Cid was one of his finest scores. I would put it more generally: it’s one of THE finest film scores” – Martin Scorsese

Disc 1

1. Overture
2. Prelude
3. Ben Yussuf
4. Destiny / Burgos
5. Palace Music
6. Bad News
7. Entry of the Nobles
8. The Meeting
9. The Slap
10. Count Gormaz / Courage and Honour / Gormaz’ Death / Honour and Sorrow
11. The Court of Ferdinand
12. The Gauntlet
13. The Fight for Calahorra
14. The King’s Champion
15. Chimene’s Decision
16. Investiture
17. The Expedition
18. Betrayal /Ambush
19. The Wedding
20. Wedding Supper
21. The Wedding Night
22. The Road to Asturias / Thirteen Knights
23. Ride to Valencia
24. Al Kadir’s Delights
25. Sancho’s Demand
26. Dolfos’ Mission / Sancho’s End
27. Coronation

Disc 2

1. Alfonso’s Oath
2. Banishment / Forgiveness
3. Friendship
4. The Barn – Love Theme
5. For Spain! / Farewell
6. Entra’cte: The El Cid March
7. Rodrigo’s Men
8. The Twins
9. Rodrigo’s Doubts
10. Unity
11. Moorish Feast
12. The Siege of Valencia/ Rodrigo’s Encampment
13. Desperate Love
14. United Again
15. Battle Preparations/ Starvation / Revolt
16. Valencia for the Cid!
17. Ordonez’ Death
18. For God and Spain! / The Battle of Valencia
19. The Arrow / The Promise
20. The Cid’s Death
21. The Legend and Epilogue


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