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SILCD1310 Creation

Christopher Young

Creation’s composer Christopher Young creates an intricate soundtrack to Jon Amiel’s intensely meditative movie.

A movie about one father’s grief, a deeply affecting lesson in the power of guilt, and the relief of spiritual redemption. Starring Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin.

This release continues Christopher Young’s collaboration with director Jon Amiel, previous films including Copycat, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Entrapment and The Core.

Christopher Young is one of the foremost composers in film music today with a track record that includes Hellraiser, Urban Legend, The Shipping News and Spider-Man 3.

This is his third release on the Silva Screen label. Previous releases include Hellraiser and the collection Hellraiser Chronicles (featuring Young’s Hellbound: Hellraiser II).

1. Creation
2. The Ghost Pavane
3. Unity In Form
4. Cunning Gunning
5. Pleasure Perfect
6. To Emma
7. Partly Part
8. The Treatment At Malvern
9. A Struggle For Survival
10. The Giant Sloth Of Punta Alta
11. Fuegian Children
12. You’ve Killed God, Sir
13. Knowing Everything I Now Know
14. Humility And Love

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