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SILCD1422 Arthur Of The Britons

Arthur Of The Britons
Arthur Of The Britons
Elmer Bernstein, Paul Lewis

Hunky sex-symbol Oliver Tobias was the star of this much loved 1970s ITV series whose 24 episodes were shown repeatedly throughout the network over two decades. Praised for its realistic approach in replacing the standard Hollywood knights in shining armour theme with the mud-spattered world of Saxon England, the series developed a loyal following and the recent DVD reissue has achieved 4,000+ sales. This first time release for the soundtrack features the music of acclaimed TV veteran Paul Lewis whose career covers half-a-century and includes Armchair Theatre, Tales Of The Unexpected and Woof! The insistence of the American co-producers to have a title theme provided by Elmer Bernstein is an added bonus. The composing legend (The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, True Grit) delivered a stirring call to arms, a real collector’s item.

1. Flourish For A Hero
2. Sinister March
3. Celtic Horns / The Longship
4. Sentinels
5. To Battle!
6. Infiltration And Treachery
7. Hesitation And Achievement
8. Kai the Saxon / Skirmish And Rout
9. Muttering and Plotting
10. Battle On Horseback / Bitter Victory
11. Desolation And Despair
12. Duel
13. In All Weathers
14. Chase!
15. At Dead Of Night
16. Danger Mounts
17. Pensive Moment
18. Celtic Girl
19. Celtic Dance
20. The Fair Rowena
21. Celtic Bard
22. Revelry
23. Arrival Of Arthur
24. Carousal
25. Arthur Is Dead
26. Evil Stirs
27. Apotheosis
28. Purposeful March
29. Pastoral Episode
30. Night Scene
31. Lyrical Romance
32. Children’s Games
33. Springtime
34. Arthur Of The Britons Title Theme

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