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SILCD1443 Hidden Kingdoms

Hidden Kingdoms
Hidden Kingdoms
Ben Foster

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Hidden Kingdoms is an innovative series from the BBC Natural History Unit, taking the viewer into unexplored and unique miniature worlds and revealing the lives of the planet’s smaller animals. Ben Foster’s emotional and dramatic score is the perfect accompaniment to this ground-breaking series. Writing extensively for television his scores for Torchwood earned him three BAFTA nominations whilst his orchestral arranging and conducting skills are featured throughout Murray Gold’s music for Doctor Who. Recent work includes conducting a world tour with Peter Gabriel and fulfilling the same role for the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. “Ben has delivered a spell-binding score, filled with emotion packed with drama and intricate detail that has helped define the series”. – Mark Brownlow – Series Producer


1. Hidden Kingdom Opening Titles
2. Africa
3. Lizard Attack
4. Exploring The Trail
5. The Dung Beetles
6. Fire
7. Life
8. The Wild West
9. Scorpion Mouse
10. The Jaws Of Death
11. In The Rain
12. The Flood
13. Run Mouse, Run!
14. Tom Vs The Lizard
15. Running Free
16. Meeting Chip
17. A Burglar
18. You Naughty Moose!
19. It’s A Fight!!
20. The Dark, Dark Wood
21. Forest Of The Owl
22. Winter Approaching
23. Do Or Die
24. Fight Fight Fight!
25. Life In The Trees
26. The Forest
27. Three Little Pigs
28. Forest Giants
29. Pitcher Plant
30. Fluorescence
31. Snake Attack/The Leap
32. The Seasons Change
33. Urban Jungle
34. The Streets Of Rio
35. Marmoset Investigates
36. Ant Colony
37. Cat On The Prowl
38. Tokyo Nights
39. Beetle Rock
40. Beetle Roll
41. Bright Lights
42. Ghek Off The Wall
43. Praying Mantis
44. Flight To The Temple
45. Beetle Battle
46. Living Side By Side
47. Everywhere, A Hidden Kingdom
48. Hidden Kingdoms Closing Titles


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