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SILCD1498 Humans – Series 1

Humans - Series 1
Humans – Series 1
Cristobal Tapia de Veer

Channel 4’s £12m. sci-fi fantasy series Humans has become their biggest original drama success  of the last 20 years. A co-production with AMC, the makers of Mad Men and Breaking Bad, the series explores the fine line between humans and machines. Success in both the UK and the US has lead to confirmation that a second series will be going into production.  Created by the makers of Utopia, the series is a natural fit for the composer from that programme, Cristobal Tapia de Veer. His award winning, innovative score which he described as a “guerilla composition”  won a five star review in Record Collector, a Royal Television Society award for best score and was one of Mojo’s Soundtracks Of The Year.

1. Synthetic Humans: Genesis
2. Outcasts
3. Singularity Slaves
4. Sentients Part 1
5. Exodus/Recovery
6. Are You Conscious?
7. Meant To Feel
8. No Harm Will Ever Come To You
9. Hijackers
10. Faster, Stronger, Fearless
11. 18+
12. Synthetic Humans: Intelligence Explosion
13. Niska Strikes Back
14. Creeping Robots
15. Apricot Jam
16. I Was Never Little
17. Bring Her Back
18. Bloody Circuits Recharged
19. If I Die It Means I Have Lived
20. Tree Of Life
21. Sentients Part 2
22. Mia Resurrected

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