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SILED1643 Space: 1999 Year Two

Space 1999 Year Two
Space: 1999 Year Two
Derek Wadsworth

Space 1999 Year Two
Space: 1999 Year Two
Double LP on ‘Lunar White’ vinyl

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Space: 1999 Year Two.

The latest release in the series exploring the musical worlds of GERRY ANDERSON is the most extensive yet. Also available is Space: 1999 Year One on vinyl. And a x2 CD set (of both Year One and Year Two) with a 28 page booklet.

Space: 1999 ran for two series from 1975 to 1977 and depicted the occupants of Moonbase Alpha and their struggle for survival when, after the explosion of a nuclear waste dump, the Moon is hurtled into space. The series was the most expensive produced for British television at that time and the most musically diverse of all the shows made by Anderson for ITC.

Gerry’s long-time musical partner in all the previous adventures was Barry Gray and Space: 1999 proved to be the last of their collaborations. For Series 2, Derek Wadsworth took over the reins to provide a more contemporary sound.

This Year Two album contains Wadsworth’s score with specially selected cues to provide a driving and exciting narrative to convey the new adventures.

The popularity of the series has continued unabated with DVD releases from Network and new audio adventures created for Big Finish.

As with all the previous releases in this series, the albums feature newly remastered sound and episode presentations.


1 Space: 1999 Year Two Main Theme – 0:49
2 The Metamorph – Strange Light – 3:01
3 The Metamorph – Rendezvous in Space – 5:59
4 The Metamorph – The Death of Psychon – 9:55
5 The Metamorph – We’re All Aliens – 1:56
6 The Exiles – Swarm of Space Bees – 2:13
7 The Exiles – The First Capsule – 3:00
8 The Exiles – A Kiss for Helena / The Power Room – 4:41
9 The Exiles – Return to Golos – 6:16
10 The Exiles – Make Me a Pretty Nose – 1:11
11 One Moment of Humanity – The Garden of Vega – 2:38
12 One Moment of Humanity – Seduction – 6:15
13 The Taybor – SS Emporium – 3:57
14 The Taybor – Transaction Complete – 7:27
15 Space Warp – Light Years Away – 4:09
16 Space Warp – Space Animal on the Loose – 5:47
17 Space Warp – Showdown at Copernicus – 7:09
18 Space: 1999 Year Two End Titles – 0:34


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