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Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Over 35 years of outstanding film & television music + much more!
SILED1700 Epic Themes III

Epic Themes III
Epic Themes III
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The 3rd volume of the widely popular Epic Themes Series. Tracks from the first two Epic Themes albums feature on many Spotify playlists and have now reached a combined Spotify streaming count of over 135 million.

Today, epic sound and trailer music could be thought of as interchangeable. Finally getting well deserved recognition, trailer music demands an entirely different approach to composition, relying on a 2-minute form, in which every second counts. The finest trailer music seizes the listeners, keeps them fully immersed, bewitched and on the edge of their seats throughout.

In addition to the best recent trailer music from highly sought out composers such as Thomas Bergen, Zack Hemsey, Harry Lightfoot, Jo Blankenburg, this 15-track digital album collection also features Hans Zimmer’s glorious ‘Suite’ from Planet Earth II and Lorne Balfe’s ‘Theme’ from His Dark Materials, a syncopated and angular melody, at the same time beautiful and unsettling.

The previous instalments of Epic Themes had favourable reviews, with Sci-Fi Bulletin praising Epic Themes II as “Another muscular compilation of epic movie and game themes from Silva Screen – turn it up to 11 for maximum effect.”


1. Victory – Thomas Bergersen
2. Strength of a Thousand Men – Thomas Bergersen
3. See What I’ve Become – Zack Hemsey
4. Garador’s Flight – Jo Blankenburg
5. Guardians At The Gate – Kevin Rix
6. Archangel – Thomas Bergersen
7. We Are Gods – Harry Lightfoot
8. Aqua Vitae – Armen Hambar
9. Here Comes The King – Paul Dinletir
10. Serenata Immortale – Jeffrey Fayman; Yoav Goren
11. Unstoppable – Franz Vonlichten; Helmut Vonlichten
12. So Say We All – Harry Lightfoot
13. Angels Will Rise – Rob Scales
14. Suite (From “Planet Earth II”) – Hans Zimmer
15. Theme (From “His Dark Materials”) – Lorne Balfe


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