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SILED1771 Super Reefs: An Earth Day Special

Super Reefs An Earth Day Special
Super Reefs:
An Earth Day Special

Christian Heschl


Christian Heschl’s exhilarating score to the National Geographic film SUPER REEFS: AN EARTH DAY SPECIAL

The film, released on April 22, takes a dive into the breathtaking world of marine conversation where the audience join the team from Pristine Seas as they journey back to the Southern Line Islands to witness an extraordinary phenomenon: the remarkable recovery of coral reefs.

The composer was inspired by the scope of the feature –
“Super Reefs was an amazing documentary to write the score for. I’ve had the opportunity to record the whole score with an orchestra and also infuse lots of clean electronic sounds with my synthesizers. The footage across the whole documentary was absolutely stunning and a pure inspiration for me, especially in the beginning whilst experimenting with different sounds to create an overall sonic atmosphere throughout the whole score.”

Led by renowned explorer and conservationist Enric Sala, the Pristine Seas team explores the pristine waters of the Southern Line Islands, documenting the awe-inspiring transformation taking place beneath the surface. Through stunning visuals and expert commentary, viewers will witness firsthand the resilience of coral reefs and the incredible biodiversity they support.

“From the beginning it was clear that it should have a general cinematic, very clean and modern feeling, without going too over the top.

As it was less of a typical natural history documentary and more of a clear science-oriented film, musically the goal was to make a cleaner, accentuated, modern score with the use of electronics and smaller instrumentation and approach it more atmospherically.

The people at NatGeo also gave me lots of freedom and were very open to throwing in my ideas, which I am very grateful for, and was the basis for a great collaboration, as with other projects in the past with them.”

“Super Reefs” offers a compelling look at the power of conservation efforts to restore and protect our planet’s precious marine ecosystems. From vibrant coral gardens to teeming underwater communities, this episode is sure to inspire audiences to appreciate and safeguard our oceans for generations to come.

Christian Heschl is an award-winning composer for film and television.

Located in the heart of Vienna in his new state-of-the-art studio, Christian writes music across a wide repertoire of styles from live-recorded full orchestral scores, creating atmospheric soundscapes or composing for small intimate ensembles. On every production, Christian gives priority to create a cinematic sound, a strong focus on melody and choosing the right sonic world for each project.

His wide and unique range of musical styles is reflected in his versatile list of credits. These include National Geographic, Disney+, AppleTV+, DiscoveryChannel, PBS, AmazonPrime, Sony, NBC/SyFy, ZDF, ARD, and ORF.

Most recently, he composed the score to the new 6 part adventure series LOST CITIES REVEALED for Disney+, following National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin. Further credits include the highly acclaimed NBC/SyFy documentary LIKE HELL I WON’T, telling the captivating story of comic artist legend “Todd McFarlane” creator of Spiderman, Venom and Spawn as well as the PBS/TerraMater Film-epos HIPPO KING directed by EMMY nominee Will Steenkamp (BBC Planet Earth II, Hostile Planet, Primates).


1. Super Reefs Backstory
2. Before 2008
3. Early Days
4. The Pristine Seas Team
5. El Niño Event
6. Act 3 – Reset
7. Digital Dive
8. Coral Bleach
9. What The Hell
10. Southern Line Islands
11. Islands in 2009
12. Phoenix Reborn
13. Coral 101
14. Coral Reef Cities
15. Photomosaics
16. Coral Colouring
17. The Super Reefs
18. Spiritual Moment
19. A Resilient Team
20. The Blue Reef
21. A Symphony Under Water
22. What We Will Lose
23. Millenium Intro
24. Heading to the Lagoon
25. A Story of Hope
26. This is a Super Reef!


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