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SILED4731 The Best of John Barry

The Best of John Barry
The Best of John Barry
The City of Prague
Philharmonic Orchestra

1. James Bond Theme (From Dr. No)
2. Beat Girl
3. Never Let Go
4. Hit and Miss (Theme From “Juke Box Jury”)
5. Beat for Beatniks
6. 007 (From “Russia With Love”)
7. Theme / Isandhlwana (From “Zulu”)
8. Goldfinger
9. The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair
10. A Man Alone (From “The Ipcress File”)
11. Born Free
12. Wednesday’s Child (From “The Quiller Memorandum”)
13. Main Theme / Capsule In Space (From “You Only Live Twice”)
14. We Have All The Time In The World (From “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”)
15. Midnight Cowboy
16. The Persuaders
17. Back To Nature (From “Walkabout”)
18. The Black Hole
19. Somewhere in Time
20. Body Heat
21. Out of Africa
22. The John Dunbar Theme (From “Dances With Wolves”)
23. Moviola
24. Enigma Theme (From “Enigma”)

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