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Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
Silva Screen Records
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SILED4741 Halloween Chillers

Halloween Chillers
Halloween Chillers
Various Artists

Silva Screen’s Halloween Chillers album is packed with the main themes from some of the scariest films to have hit our screens. The Evil Dead, Prometheus, Let Me In, Drag Me To Hell and The Silence of The Lambs are all featured in this Halloween special.

1. Come Back To Me (From “The Evil Dead”)
2. Life (From “Prometheus”)
3. The Cabin in the Woods (From “The Cabin in the Woods”)
4. Sonata in C major, opus 2, No. 3 – Adagio (From “Byzantium”)
5. The Walking Dead
6. End Credits (From “Let Me In”)
7. End Credits (From “Drag Me To Hell”)
8. Edward At Her Bed (Bella’s Lullaby) [From “Twilight”]
9. My Name Is Robert Neville (From “I Am Legend”)
10. Hello Zepp (From “Saw”)
11. In The House-In A Heartbeat (From “28 Days Later”)
12. Vide Cor Meum (From “Hannibal”)
13. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
14. End Credits (From “The Silence of the Lambs”)
15. Closing Credits (From “Dead Ringers”)
16. Predator
17. Main Title / Resurrection (From “Hellraiser”)
18. Main Theme (From “Poltergeist”)
19. Main Theme (From “Phantasm”)
20. The Nostromo / End Title (From “Alien”)
21. Main Theme (From “Halloween”)
22. The Gonk (From “Dawn Of The Dead”)
23. Ave Satani (From “The Omen”)
24. Tubular Bells (From “The Exorcist”)

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