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SILED4815 The Paradise – Season 2

The Paradise - Season 2
The Paradise – Season 2
Maurizio Malagnini

The music to the second series of the highly acclaimed BBC Show. Set in the first department store in the 19th century North East of England The Paradise follows the stories of the life and loves of the staff and their customers. Italian born Maurizio Malagnini graduated from The Royal College Of Music in 2008 and was acclaimed as a “prodigious talent”. Previous work includes BBC productions Muddle Earth and The Body Farm and his symphonic suite Running In The Clouds was broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

1 The Paradise Lovebirds
2 A Letter from Paris
3 Once Again on the Bridge
4 A Scorpion in the Paradise
5 Clemence and Dudley
6 Clemence’s Past
7 The Fireworks
8 Jonas and the Conspiracy
9 Susy and Her Mother
10 Tom Weston’s Suspect
11 The Music Hall
12 Tension Between Denise and Moray
13 Hypnotising Susy
14 Hypnosys with a Spoon
15 Dreaming of Paris
16 Hide and Seek
17 Edmund’s Heart Attack
18 Impossible Love
19 Tom and Katherine
20 The House on the Hill
21 Prelude to the Duel
22 The Duel
23 Denise Runs to Moray

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