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SILLP1505 The Ninth Gate

The Ninth Gate
The Ninth Gate
Wojciech Kilar

The Ninth Gate
The Ninth Gate
12″ double LP on black vinyl

The Ninth Gate
The Ninth Gate
12″ double LP on flame-coloured vinyl

The Ninth Gate (1999) Wojciech Kilar’s haunting soundtrack to Polanski’s disturbing film features at its core the vocals of Korean born soprano, Sumi Jo. Kilar established himself as a horror score composer with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and his work here on Polanski’s film achieves a creeping sense of menace worthy of Polanski’s dark tale of Satanic worship.

“If menacingly haunting horror music is your delight, then The Ninth Gate is not a score to miss.” **** FILMTRACKS.COM

“hypnotic music…which is guaranteed to have you looking over your shoulder and under the bed.” ***** FILM REVIEW

A Side

1 Vocalise
2 Opening Titles
3 Corso
4 Corso’s Apartment / Bernie Is Dead

B Side

1 Liana’s Seduction
2 Plane To Spain Bolero
3 The Motorcyclist
4 Missing Book / Mustace Waits For Corso

C Side

1 Blood On The Face
2 St. Martin’s Chateau
3 Death Of Liana
4 “Boo!”

D Side

1 Balkan Burns
2 The Ninth Gate
3 Corso And The Girl
4 Vocalise (Reprise)


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