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SILLP1539 Electronic

Derbyshire, Hodgson, Vorhaus

12″ LP with a silver foil-blocked sleeve

Originally released in 1969, this LP features music by BBC Radiophonic Workshop members Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson alongside David Vorhaus, an American born composer and musician with whom they formed the experimental electronic band “White Noise”. It was put out by the Standard Music Library label, set up in 1968 by Bucks Music and London Weekend Television, which supplied production music for use in TV, commercials, radio and film. Many of these tracks were used in the 1960’s cult TV show, “The Tomorrow People” and each one has a short description of the music after the track title.

Both Derbyshire and Hodgson assumed pseudonyms in the credits: Li de la Russe & Nikki St. George respectively. Two of the tracks are co-written by the pair, who also worked together to set up the organisation and studio project “Unit Delta Plus”, which was extensively involved in the promotion and exploration of electronic music.

Side A

1 Lure of the Space Goddess – Li De La Russe / Slow, melodic and spatial expansion
2 Battle Theme – Nikki St. George / Heavy industrial, non-melodic
3 Homeric Theme – Nikki St. George / Slow pulsating, atonal melody
4 Greek Concrete – Nikki St. George / Violent, abstract, non-melodic
5 Attack of the Alien Minds – Nikki St. George / Atonal, psycho-physiological
6 Gothic Submarine – Li De La Russe, Nikki St. George / Abstract, non-rhythmic
7 Whirring Menace – Nikki St. George / Eerie, high pitched slow pulsed
8 Souls in Space – Nikki St. George / Abstract, despairing cries
9 Time Capsule – Nikki St. George / Abstract, pulsating harmonic chord
10 London Lemons (9 Themes) – Li De La Russe

Side B

1 Restless Relays – Li De La Russe / Nikki St. George Rhythmic, humorous
2 Planetarium – Li De La Russe / Non-rhythmic
3 Wet Asteroid – Nikki St. George / Non-melodic, non-rhythmic
4 Way Out – Li De La Russe / Melodic and rhythmic
5 Fresh Aire – Li De La Russe / Rhythmic and happy
6 Delia’s Theme – Li De La Russe / Waltz tempo, complete theme
7 Tentative Delia – Li De La Russe / Waltz tempo, non-thematic
8 Delia’s Idea – Li De La Russe / Four legged waltz
9 Delia’s Psychadelian Waltz – Li De La Russe / Melodic and rhythmic
11 Delia’s Dream – Li De La Russe / Melodic, floating waltz
12 Delia’s Reverie – Li De La Russe / Thoughtful, melodic
13 Delia’s Fulfilment – Li De La Russe / Waltz, theme melody
14 Build Up To… – David Vorhaus / Menacing crescendo, non-melodic
15 Snide Rhythms – David Vorhaus / Non-melodic, free-form rhythm


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