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SILLP1541 BBC Radiophonic Music

BBC Radiophonic Music
BBC Radiophonic Music
John Baker, David Cain, Delia Derbyshire

BBC Radiophonic Music
BBC Radiophonic Music
12″ LP on grey coloured vinyl

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The reissue of the 1968 BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s hugely influential 10th anniversary album, featuring remastered early electronic works of John Baker, David Cain and Delia Derbyshire.

Widely regarded as a major influence on the development of electronic music worldwide, BBC Radiophonic Music is a compilation of short works, often composed as intros to various radio or television programs. Conceived in a time when analogue sampling meant hours of slicing tape with razor blades, BBC Radiophonic Music is brimming with zippy themes, unsettling atmospherics, riffs, loops, clicks and beeps. Insanely catchy yet deeply sinister, this is ‘collage music’, produced, according to Desmond Briscoe of BBC Radiophonic Workshop, “with the intention of entertaining rather than informing”.

This is an essential album for analogue and TV theme obsessives, and anyone with an interest in contemporary electronica; mysterious, eccentric and celestial, it is a celebration of one of the UK’s most treasured and unique institutions.

Vinyl / Digital Tracklist:

*Previously Unreleased (not included on the vinyl version of this release)

1. Radio Sheffield – David Cain
2. Radio Nottingham – John Baker
3. Boys and Girls – John Baker
4. Mattachin – Delia Derbyshire
5. Pot au Feu – Delia Derbyshire
6. Time and Tune – John Baker
7. Tomorrow’s World – John Baker
8. Reading Your Letters – John Baker
9. Blue Veils and Golden Sands – Delia Derbyshire
10. The Missing Jewel – John Baker
11. Artbeat – David Cain
12. Fresh Start – John Baker
13. Christmas Commercial – John Baker
14. Sea Sports – John Baker
15. The Delian Mode – Delia Derbyshire
16. Happy Birthday* – Delia Derbyshire
17. The Frogs Wooing – John Baker
18. Milky Way – John Baker
19. Structures – John Baker
20. New Worlds – John Baker
21. Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO – John Baker
22. Festival Time – John Baker
23. The Chase – John Baker
24. Towards Tomorrow – Delia Derbyshire
25. Quiz Time – Delia Derbyshire
26. P.I.G.S – John Baker
27. Autumn and Winter – David Cain
28. Door to Door – Delia Derbyshire
29. Factors – John Baker
30. War of the Worlds — David Cain
31. Crossbeat – David Cain
32. Air – Delia Derbyshire
33. Time to Go* – Delia Derbyshire


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