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SILLP1586 La Prima Linea – Record Store Day 2019

La Prima Linea
La Prima Linea
Max Richter

La Prima Linea
La Prima Linea
12″ LP on transparent red coloured vinyl

La Prima Linea
La Prima Linea
12″ LP on black vinyl

Label Store

Originally released for Record Store Day 2019 as a limited numbered edition on transparent red 12” Vinyl. Now available to purchase on black vinyl.

Italian director Renato de Maria’s 2009 crime drama La Prima Linea (The Front Line) takes us back to the late seventies and the home-grown Italian terrorist cell of the same name. Based on the real memoirs of a Prima Linea member Sergio Segio (played by Riccardo Scamarcio). A militant underground organisation employs violence to achieve their political ends, and ultimately attempt to free Sergio’s lover, Susanna, from prison.

The beautiful and melancholic soundtrack is instantly recognisable as Max Richter’s work, making its debut here on vinyl for Record Store Day. Richter is a respected composer in his own right, having accumulated a large fanbase for his studio albums (Memoryhouse, The Blue Notebooks and most recently, Sleep). He has also won multiple awards and nominations for his soundtracks including Waltz With Bashir, Lore, The Leftovers and most recently Mary Queen of Scots.

Silva Screen has released Max Richter’s “The Leftovers”, also available on vinyl.

Side A
1. The Falling Orchestra
2. Falling Shadow (1)
3. Alone Together (1)
4. Dream Tempo (1)
5. Brightness Morning
6. Requies (spaces)
7. Requies (solo)
8. Timepiece

Side B
1. Dream Tempo (2)
2. Dark Pulse
3. Falling Shadow (2)
4. Alone Together (2)
5. Dream Tempo (3)
6. Memory Pulse
7. Falling Shadow (3)
8. Requies (Epilogue)
9. Alone Together (3)

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