New York Connexion - Crossing The Bridge
Eight tracks bristling with energy, each one performed by some of the best musicians you will ever hear. Six original titles and two classic jazz vehicles given a fresh and interesting work-out make for a highly rewarding CD. Produced by Robin Eubanks.

These gifted artists are not only leaders in their own right but are constantly being sought-out to perform with the cream of modern music. What makes the New York Connexion recordings that little bit special is the deep understanding that exists between these extraordinary players. They have performed with each other many times, either on tour or in the studios - and often both. Their artistry, commitment and high regard for the music is evident from the very first track.

"Crossing the Bridge" is rich in both individual and group inventiveness, a feature of what promises to be a long running series of specially produced albums from this Sirocco collective.

Robin Eubanks: trombone
Antonio Hart: alto/soprano sax
Michael Cain: piano
Joe Locke: vibes
Craig Handy: tenor sax
Lonnie Plaxico: bass
Billy Kilson: drums

Nine Weeks
Little Sunflower
Broken Toy
Greeting Ra
Bossa Ballad
This Is War