Buster Williams Trio - Houdini
The name, or word, HOUDINI has become synonymous with a kind of magic and skill that defies ordinary belief. What kind of person, out of their own choice, would deliberately place him or herself into a situation where every working moment demanded the highest levels of ability, razor-sharp reflexes and total commitment in order to avoid certain catastrophe?

Great jazz players, like the three superb musicians featured here, are just such people. These, after all, are the qualities that make players great. Refusing to settle for the ordinary. Constantly raising the stakes. Pushing the conventional way of doing things further out. Accepting the risks involved as being vital to the performance.

Buster Williams (Bass), Geri Allen (Piano) and Lenny White (Drums) have contributed so much to the development of music over the years, and still they continually strive to entertain, thrill, excite and move us with their daring. The music they make on "HOUDINI" is no illusion. It’s the real thing.

Artists Notes:
Charles Anthony "Buster" Williams is one of the living legends of Jazz. He has performed with every major star that has shaped this music over the last five decades. From his early associations with Sarah Vaughan and Nancy Wilson he has gone on to play/record with each new generation. Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Hank Jones, Art Blakey; Joe Henderson , Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Branford Marsalis... the list is endless. Buster appeared at the Grammy Awards with Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and Bobby McFerrin, and once had the unique honour of playing five of his own compositions live on American national television accompanied by Branford Marsalis and the "Tonight" Band.

Buster Williams continues to be one of the hardest working bass players around, maintaining his long-standing links with Herbie Hancock, the band "Sphere" and leading his own ensembles.

Buster Williams: Bass
Gerry Allen: Piano
Lennie White: Drummer

Houdini - Part 1
The Sourcerer
Bellodgia Diva
If I Should Lose You
Ouija Board
Little Girl Blue
Strivers' Jewels
Houdini - Part 2