Ryan Cohan - Here and Now
"The nine originals that comprise Here & Now reveal pianist Ryan Cohan to be a gifted, strong player from the Bud Powell – Herbie Hancock – Chick Corea tree" - Ted Panken, Down Beat

"Don't be surprised to see many awards garnered from this rare masterpiece. For the public, who can’t possibly have time to listen to all the music that is available, Here & Now, the choice has already been made. You can’t go wrong." - Baabe Irving

Make a note of the name RYAN COHAN.

Not only does he write exceptional tunes, but he arranges and plays them with a level of maturity normally only found in artists many years his senior. His compositions have already earned some big-time recognition. Amongst some great players Ryan has written and arranged for the legendary Ramsey Lewis, and their collaborative work on Ramsey’s recording "Appassionata" led to that album being named "Jazz Album of the Year" in Billboard Magazine’s annual awards for 2000.

From the glorious Latin tinged opening track "Think Again", through the soulfully inspired "Too Soon" (a fine tribute to Kenny Kirkland) to the fiery closing statement of "Urgent Identity", Here and Now provides Ryan an opportunity to fully explore his own voice at the piano. With an exciting set of new material and a group of highly respected artists that include BOB SHEPPARD - saxes (Chick Corea / Freddie Hubbard / Steely Dan), JAMES CAMMACK - bass (Ahmad Jamal Trio) and DANA HALL – drums (Branford Marsalis / Carnegie Hall Band), Here and Now is a brilliant example of a new talent emerging into the spotlight and captivating all who witness the event. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Ryan Cohan: Piano
Bob Sheppard: Tenor Sax & Flute
Jim Gailloreto: Tenor /Soprano saxes & Flute
Tito Carrillo: Trumpet/Flugelhorn
James Cammack: Bass
Dana Hall: Drums

Geof Bradfield: Tenor /Soprano saxes (5, 8, 9, 10)
Scott Burns: Tenor/Soprano saxes (1)
Ruben Alvarez: Percussion (1)
Dede Sampaio: Percussion (8)v Lorin Cohen: Bass (9)
Tom Hipskind: Drums (1, 8)

Think Again
Ask Me Nicely
Looking Glass - Prelude
Looking Glass
Too Soon
Rush Hour
Here and Now
White Sand
Urgent Identity