George Colligan's Mad Science - Realization

"Fabulous...Jimmy Smith meets Carlos Santana...the best of all worlds"

Get ready for one of the hottest new trios to hit the jazz scene for years. Mad Science thrills listeners with their intense, lyrical and exhilarating compositions. The groups special organtrio sound combines the ideas of MBase, the raw funk of Tower of Power, the fusion of Return to Forever… and a lifetime of jazz.

"Great writing, completely different approach to the organgroup thing... George [Colligan] is a very brilliant piano player, and it makes sense that he would be brilliant on organ as well... As a creative artist, he’s really up there... there aren’t a whole lot of cats from his generation that are any better than him. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of any." Don Braden, Jazz Times

"George Colligan, an awardwinning composer and player... draws fans with his zesty work. He is also prolific as a leader with 15 recordings full of his intelligent writing and impressive technique. Tom Guarna (Blood Sweat & Tears, Yellow Jackets, Randy Brecker) contributes compositions and mellifluous guitar work and Grammy winner Rodney Holmes (Zawinul Syndicate, Brecker Brother, Carlos Santana) places notes and sounds with an artist's touch." Modern Drummer

George Colligan – Hammond B3/Keyboards
Tom Guarna Guitars
Rodney Holmes – Drums

1. Grounded
2. Snidely Whiplash
3. Realization
4. Oblivion
5. Blue Box
6. Human Need
7. Utopian Struggle
8. Muse
9. Reminder
10. Goblet of Rock
11. Stockholm Street Breakdown