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Stand by for more Gerry Anderson action shortly. The long awaited Space: 1999 Year 2 is set for launch on October 26th. The seventh release in our series in conjuction with Fanderson brings Derek Wadsworth’s jazzy synth themes to CD and will be a pure delight for the many fans of the series. The booklet includes notes from Derek who sadly died last year after a long career as a composer, session musician and ace trombonist. Full track details below.


1.    Main Theme – Stereo mix
2.    The Metamorph – Strange Light
3.    The Metamorph – Rendezvous in Space
4.    The Metamorph – Escape from Psychon   (Act 2, 3 and 4)
5.    The Metamorph – We’re All Aliens
6.    The Exiles – A Swarm of Space Bees
7.    The Exiles – The First Capsule
8.    The Exiles – The Exiles Emerge   (Act 2 and 3)
9.    The Exiles – Return to Golos
10.    The Exiles – Make Me a Pretty Nose
11.    One Moment of Humanity – Garden of Vega
12.    One Moment of Humanity – The Strongest Passion   (Act 2 and 3)
13.    One Moment of Humanity – Seduction
14.    The Taybor – Alpha Ahoy!
15.    The Taybor – The Emporium
16.    The Taybor – The Abduction of Maya   (Act 2, 3 and 4)
17.    The Taybor – Sore Loser
18.    Space Warp – Light Years Away   (Prologue and Act 1)
19.    Space Warp – Space Animal on the Loose (Act 2 and 3)
20.    Space Warp – Showdown at Copernicus   (Act 4 and Epilogue)
21.    End Titles –  stereo/mono mix


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