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The Twilight Saga

On the 12th March, Silva Screen Records will release the City Of Prague recording of the original film score to the Twilight Saga.

To date the film franchise has grossed over $2 billion (£1.3 billion) worldwide and is estimated to grow to a further $700 million (£500 million) when Breaking Dawn: Part Two is released in November 2012.

Twilight, the first movie in the saga, saw the introduction of Bella and vampire/teen heart throb  Edward’s forbidden love for each other. Composed by Carter Burwell, the score showcases the fiery emotions involved in this expression of broken-hearted love. Thematically it is Burwell’s love theme for Bella and Edward which is the stands out in this first score, oozing sexual tension and capturing the beauty and pain of forbidden love.

New Moon followed in the footsteps of the hugely successful Twilight but is in no way overshadowed by it. The second film in the saga centres on a fight for Bella’s affections between Edward and new love rival Jacob the werewolf. If any one composer can nail romance on this scale it’s Alexandre Desplat. With the locations in the film getting further and wider apart from the town of Forks to Italy, it was only right to bring in the big guns, in the form of the London Symphony Orchestra, contributing swathes of luscious strings in all their symphonic finery. The composer clings to his own central love theme for New Moon, this time less introspective and more wide-eyed, with an urgency that foreshadows the power of Bella and Edward’s inevitable union.

Eclipse was the third in the saga to be released, bringing a new chapter onto the screen. This time Oscar-winning Howard Shore joins the legacy of accomplished composers to bring a whole new spin on the music. Shore’s darker side seems to be the vital ingredient musically and he brings to the table his vast experience in delivering blockbuster epics.  He carefully captures scenes filled with tension and seething with inner emotional turmoil ending in the inevitable bloodshed. The score’s lone piano theme resonates emotionally with Bella and Jacob and with love themes so central to the preceding scores, Shore’s own contribution is stripped down to a simple motif for what is initially a private engagement. The tone is wistful, the pair relaxing into their dynamic and embracing an uncertain future together. The theme itself is the basis of an original song by Shore, written with the group Metric. Called ‘Eclipse (All Yours)’, the track opened the original soundtrack album and was nominated for a 2010 Satellite Award. It is ‘Jacob Black’ though that is Shore’s crowning glory in this score.  Its plaintive and soulful rendering of a character at odds with his heart, longing for the love of a girl he simply cannot have leaving a haunting resonance.

Breaking Dawn: Part 1, is the fourth but not final film in the saga. It reunites the epic tale with Carter Burwell to produce yet another fantastic score which perfectly complements the melodrama as it is played out. With an abundance of possible inspiration including the wedding of year, the most anticipated love scene and wolves baying for the blood of an unborn child, Burwell had his work cut out for him. One of his longest scores to date,  the resulting 80 minutes encapsulates the exhilarating drama, full of intensity, but with an outer coating of dread.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the final closing film to the saga Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is in safe hands, as Carter Burwell returns to compose and close the final chapter.

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