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Zeus graces the hallowed grounds of 34 Montagu Sq

The legend of 34 Montagu Square was forged with the presence of the many musical ‘gods’ that came and went through it’s front door, and now the King of Gods himself, Zeus, has journeyed  down from Mount Olympus to survey the Ultimate Rock Pad!

OK so not Zeus the Greek god, but Zeus the band from Canadian, who’s rocky pomp-pop music has a rather fitting mid-70’s influence to it.

The band spent the day at Montagu Square being interviewed about the release of their new album “Busting Visions”. Letting their humor shine through in one interview they were welcomed to the home of Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Jimi Hendrix, and mockingly asked if they had heard of any of those… Replying: “No can’t say that we have, are they new artists? Contemporary yeah? We’ll find them on Pitchfork“!

Zeus also played an acoustic set at the flat, dedicating one of their songs: “…a song for John…”

Click here for more info on the band Zeus >


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